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Customer Support Service

This Service Level Agreement (the “SLA”) is provided by ElectroNeek to “MSP” customers of the ElectroNeek platform.

Issue priorities defnitions:

Incident PriorityIncident Description Examples
UrgentThe application is not accessible. Critical business impact. No workaround available. It may include issues that materially affect data integrity or breach of security.
HighThe application is operational but experiencing a major functional loss that impedes operations from being completed. A temporary workaround may be available or operations can continue in a restricted fashion.
NormalThe application is experiencing a minor functional issue that does not significantly impede operations from being completed. Includes configuration or change requests that have a high business impact. A workaround is available.
LowMinor problem not affecting operations. Inquiry about product usage. Inquiry about application capabilities.

Customer Support Business hours:

ElectroNeek customer support organization business hours depend on the business region of the customer:

  • In North America, the business hours are 10:00 am to 7:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time Zone)
  • In LatAm, the business hours are 10 am to 7:00 pm (Brasilia Standard Time Zone)
  • In APAC, the business hours are 10 am to 7:00 pm (India Standard Time Zone)

Types of requests:

  • Question
  • Incident
  • Feature request
  • Development support request

Scope of support:

ElectroNeek customer support organization provides support for the following categories of requests:

  • Product issues
  • Product bugs
  • How-to questions (if not addressed by the Learning Space and Help Center)
  • Development support requests

Development support is consulting help for customer-developed RPAs, available to customers in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers.

Eligibility for support:

In order to be eligible to receive support from ElectroNeek customer support organization it is required to meet the following conditions:

  • Have a valid product license
  • Have a valid Academy courses certifcate in order to submit support requests against ElectroNeek support organization. In the opposite case, support can be declined.

Scope of support services is defned according to the customer tier level.


This SLA does not apply to any unavailability of support services caused by: (i) factors outside of ElectroNeek’s reasonable control, such as: war, strike, riot, crime, or an event described by the legal term act of God, (such as hurricane, fooding, earthquake, volcanic eruption, etc; (ii) resulting from failures from end-users actions; and/or (iii) arising from termination of your right to use the Solution in accordance with the SaaS and License Agreement.

Changes to the SLA:

ElectroNeek reserves the right to modify, amend, upgrade, update or otherwise modify this SLA. Any changes will be displayed on the Site, and we will also notify you before any such changes enter into effect. Please refer to the last effective date where changes were last undertaken by us. Your use of our Services after the effective date of any update- either by an account login or simple use - thereby indicates your acceptance thereof.

Support packages:

Customer typeCommunity Support
(for Medium and low)
Standard SLA (High and Urgent)Enhanced SLA
(all issues)
Premium SLA
(all issues)

Customer typeExtended Business HoursLive SupportIncreased PriorityDedicated Support EngineerDevelopment support hours
Bronze25 h
Silver40 h
Gold++++60 h

Support Service Level agreement:

Standard SLA

Initial ResponseTime*Ongoing Communication Time*Target Resolution Time**
Urgent6 h6 h1 d
High8 h1 dn/a

Enhanced SLA

Initial Response Time*Ongoing Communication Time*Target Resolution Time**
Urgent4 h4 h1 d
High6 h6 h2 d
Medium8 h2 dn/a
Low2 dn/an/a

Premium SLA

Initial ResponseTime*Ongoing Communication Time*Target Resolution Time**
Urgent2 h2 h6 h**
High4 h4 h9 h**
Medium6 h1dn/a
Low8 hn/an/a