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Expand your RPA services even further Expand your RPA services with ElectroNeek’s Business and Service Hubs.

Enter new markets for RPA services

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SMB segment

The SMB market is an uncharted territory full of opportunity, with a less than 3% RPA adoption rate and 80% of business owners reporting readiness to invest in automation.

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Mid-market is catching up with the enterprise segment and is willing to pay extra for fast RPA implementation and industry expertise.

Grow your presence

in Enterprise

Enterprise companies have complex processes that are almost impossible to automate with a positive ROI using legacy RPA solutions.

Provide your services at a maximum profit with ElectroNeek’s MSP-centered business model

Build recurring revenue with a Robot-as-a-Service model

Unlike traditional RPA implementation models, the innovative robot-as-a-service approach allows MSPs to license bots to clients and run them in the clients’ perimeter. It’s a win-win for everyone: your clients reuse their existing infrastructure while you have complete control over bot execution.

It gets even better: ElectroNeek doesn’t charge MSPs any bot license fees, meaning you can deploy and run any number of bots without extra costs. The robot-as-a-service model perfectly fits MSPs, enabling you to forecast revenue streams accurately.

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Earn on RPA platform migration

Over $1B in corporate spending goes toward RPA software licenses globally, generated by existing enterprise solutions.

Help clients migrate to the next-gen RPA platform and capture a significant share of this revenue stream, providing clients with cost savings and building recurring revenue for the growth of your business.

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Increase your cash flow by licensing RPA bots you develop for clients. Leverage the Robot-as-a-Service model enabled by ElectroNeek Platform architecture.

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