ElectroNeek joined the Russian Association of Electronic Communications

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ElectroNeek has taken another step in developing and popularizing robotic process automation in Russia by becoming a member of the Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC).

RAEC develops and implements industry standards, lobbies the industry’s interests, draws the attention of the government  to the problems of developing the IT sector, consults and interacts with relevant ministries and departments.

“Throughout the evolution of ElectroNeek, we strive to play a key role in shaping the robotic process automation (RPA) market in Russia and worldwide. Therefore, joining the Russian Association of Electronic Communications is an important milestone for us to popularize technology, spread expertise, form a market, and set the clear rules of the game. We are open to new initiatives and cooperation with the Association”.

Sergey Yudovskiy, co-founder and CEO of ElectroNeek.

“We are pleased to welcome ElectroNeek among the members of RAEC. I am sure that our cooperation will be effective and beneficial. The company’s experts will express themselves in the work of Clusters and various activities that we organize in the updated RAEC 3.0. The autumn season of IT events, expert meetings, and informational occasions is ahead of us. It is gratifying to realize that we now have common goals such as developing IT personnel, the popularization of the industry, and innovative legislation,” says Sergey Plugotarenko, director of RAEC.

Association unites more than 150 players in the electronic communications market, which will help to represent the interests of the industry and solve its problems. RAEC members include market leaders such as Samsung Electronics, Apple, Mail.ru Group, Microsoft, Rostelecom, Vkontakte, Kaspersky Lab, and now ElectroNeek.

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