New direction of RPA development in Russia: Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC) and ElectroNeek launched RPA Cluster

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ElectroNeek presented the RPA Cluster, which is starting to work within the Russian Association for Electronic Communications. The presentation took place within the Russian Internet Week in Moscow. The Cluster will become a new vector in the development of RPA technology  in Russia and will help robotic automation technology to become mass.

The priorities of the RPA Cluster include:

  • Formation of a shared culture of using automation tools, popularization of RPA.
  • Training, conducting masterclasses and education within the framework of sphere 4.0.
  • Development of industry standards.
  • Contribute to raising awareness of business representatives, government, and industry experts about the importance and benefits of robotic process automation.

Next year, the Cluster will bring together RPA market participants, conducts a study on the use of robotic process automation technology in Russia, and prepare educational initiatives to increase labor productivity.

“RPA technology has already proven its worth and promise on a global scale. The potential effect of implementing RPA solutions on a national scale can benefit both the private sector and government agencies. We invite experts, IT professionals, and business representatives to join the RPA Cluster and together shape the robotic automation industry”.

Natalia Nevolina, ElectroNeek

“We are glad that the RAEC Cluster Institute, which has existed since 2014, expands every year. We have many participants who contribute to the development of both the Association and the industry. Together we try to expand the IT community by creating a reliable talent pool. It’s nice to see how clusters develop the sector with jointly developed innovative ideas and proposals. We are pleased that colleagues from ElectroNeek have taken the initiative to create a business process automation (RPA) cluster, which has been extremely popular, especially in the last few years”.

Sergey Plugotarenko, Head of Russian Association of Electronic Communications (RAEC)

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