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ElectroNeek Transformation: Efficient Operations and Leadership Update

AUSTIN, TEXAS (December 7, 2022) –The only Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform for IT Service Providers today announced a global reorganization and product transformation towards reducing time-to-value for customers and prospects, what previously was done with human-to-human interaction now can be done via products inside the platform.  

Global Reorganization 

From now and into 2023, ElectroNeek’s Sales, Marketing, Customer Success and Customer Support departments are reorganized on a level of two global hubs, West and East units, so they cover all the geographies where ElectroNeek operates and our customers and prospects are based. Historically, these departments grew in subregions, leading to growth inefficiencies and slower feedback loops for the introduction of new products.

Together with the moving customer interactions within the Platform, this will allow for a more robust approach to growing the customer base globally.

With the evolution of the RPA Platform and the reorganization of these departments, ElectroNeek decided to reduce the headcount in non-R&D and Product functions that enabled regional presence before. For ElectroNeek it means a 30% headcount reduction. Our ex-colleagues are true professionals and we support them with an “exit journey”. We wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Leadership Update

Effective December 9, Dmitry Karpov, company Co-Founder, and current Chief Strategy Officer, will take the role of Chief Product Officer, strengthening the connection between R&D and go-to-market functions, and expanding product roadmap to new areas essential for IT Service companies' success in internal RPA implementation and for building and monetizing Automation Services for own clients.

“The ability to transform our go-to-market and be efficient during this economic turbulence is a key to long-term success. We live in a reality where time-to-value and clear ROI drives the whole organization. We adopted this vision to absolute and made this transformation that gives us the opportunity to achieve profitability in 2023 while investing more in products and distribution channels. I appreciate the support of this shift I have from the leadership team, and am looking to the future with a high level of optimism.”

Sergey Yudovskiy, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at ElectroNeek

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