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The First Ever Intelligent Document Processing Product for MSPs and IT Service Providers

ElectroNeek is thrilled to unveil its latest product, IntelliDocs, a groundbreaking technology representing the world's first IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) designed specifically for IT Service Providers and MSPs.

What is IntelliDocs?

IntelliDocs is the first ever IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) product for MSPs and IT Service Providers, empowering users to automatically recognize digital documents, understand their types and extract key information, supported by MSP-centric monetization and management tools. It can easily automatically process invoices and mostly thousand other model types, work across all major categories and  languages and format like pdfs and images.   

This innovative product provides a powerful tool that empowers service providers to easily manage and organize complex data sets for their clients confidently.

What Changes for MSPs?

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IntelliDocs utilizes AI technology to capture, extract, and process data across hundreds of document formats quickly and accurately. With its pre-built models and 99% extraction accuracy rate, it's an easy-to-use tool that will help you quickly process more than 900 document models.

Furthermore, it doesn't require specialized knowledge in AI, document models training, data mapping or labeling - just a few clicks are all you need!

How IntelliDocs Works?

Now MSPs can set up document processing streams for customers and process their documents, set their own pricing per page and build recurring revenue.

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IntelliDocs cutting-edge capabilities:

  • Get the job done quickly and easily in 79 languages.
  • Extract data from 900+ document models and automatically enter extracted structured data into any system with ElectroNeek RPA bots. 
  • No manual intervention needed - AI does all the work in 26 document categories!
  • Affordable bundles make it an accessible option for businesses of any size.
  • Package IntelliDocs capabilities with data input automation to build recurring revenue from your clients.
  • Utilize pages across unlimited clients for a volume discount, with more pages available for purchase.

IntelliDocs - Monetize document processing with AI

“We’re thrilled to introduce IntelliDocs - the first IDP for IT Service Providers and MSPs. This Automation Hub product in the ElectroNeek platform offers many features to help service providers streamline their clients' document processing tasks with considerable cost savings.

At ElectroNeek, we're committed to providing MSPs with innovative solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating manual data processing and entry. 

We believe that IntelliDocs will be invaluable in helping our customers grow in this economy. 

We're confident its advanced capabilities in intelligent document understanding, automated document classification and sorting, automated data extraction, and customizable workflows will significantly impact the market.”

Sergey Yudovskiy, Co-Founder and CEO at ElectroNeek

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