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Find guides and resources to help you succeed in RPA.

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Our Learning Management System provides knowledge to take advantage of the full capabilities of the ElectroNeek platform. You will find dynamic courses with multimedia materials such as videos, pdfs, slide shows, and more:
  • Sales Education
  • Marketing Tips
  • Executive Guidance

How it works:


Join the ElectroNeek platform
and obtain access to exclusive learning content


Choose a path to start with
Product, Sales, Marketing, and Executive Journey


Take top quality courses
on our in-platform Learning Management System


With our knowledge and tools
it's time to grow recurring revenue

Why use Campus?

To learn how to run and grow your automation business
To master our products and maximize their potential
To understand and generate business opportunities

Want to know more

Who uses Campus?
Campus is available for all our customers. Each roll/user within their organization can access a particular Learning path that most fits their needs.
Which material can be found on Campus?
Our learning content is divided into four subjects: Product training, Sales learning path, Marketing learning path, Executive learning path.
What is the right learning path for you?
You can choose your learning patch according to which area you belong to in your organization or the current phase your Automation Business is in.
How is Campus accessed?
The access to Campus is automatically granted as soon as you become an ElectroNeek client.