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ElectroNeek Community Edition

The perfect no-code starting point for Developers, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners

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Master Tasks with ElectroNeek Community Edition!

The ElectroNeek Community Edition is designed with non-technical users in mind – so you don't need to worry about having a lot of coding skills to get your automated processes up and running. You can access features like screen scraping, data extraction, and task automation right away.
Plus, we've integrated GPT specifically for community users – meaning you have access to advanced capabilities that open up even more options when automating.

ElectroNeek Community Edition Capabilities & Features:


Efficiently design and build workflows
with up to 20 blocks in the Studio canvas.


Utilize Studio for automation creation,
excluding the use of Subprograms and Anti-Captcha features.


Run automations from Studio Pro for testing and execution purposes,
with the inability to export or launch bots in Bot Runner.


Access support through the community forum,
where users can seek guidance from fellow community members.

Why use ElectroNeek Community Edition?

ElectroNeek Community Edition is a complimentary version of the premium Studio Pro
Despite being a Community version, ElectroNeek doesn't skimp on capabilities.
Allows users to customize their basic workflows to suit their specific needs

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