Lead Center
Meet potential clients that are looking for hyperautomation services.

Lead Center

Is a web-based portal that lets ElectroNeek Partners view and unlock leads.

Connect with Small, Medium, and Enterprise-size businesses that have specific automation use cases or willingness to find opportunities for RPA, OCR, iPaaS, and other hyperautomation technologies implementation, together with our partners.

How it works:
  • ElectroNeek partners
    log in to the Lead Center
  • ElectroNeek fills the Lead Center
    with qualified leads
  • Partners browse the Lead Center
    and review lead flow
  • Partners ‘unlock’ the leads
    and receive their contact information
  • Partners connect with prospects
    and schedule sales appointments
Why use the Lead Center?

To get business leads with hyperautomation buyer intent

To start selling automation services while you build your marketing plan

To generate cross-sales opportunities for your other services

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