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The ElectroNeek Resell Program aims to accelerate IT Service Providers' path to generating revenue from Intelligent Automation.

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Get Ahead in Business with Prebuilt Intelligent Automation Workflows for Resellers

Looking to attract more customers? Our prebuilt automation workflows can help you bring in revenue faster than ever before. With our easy-to-use system, you can train your sales team in record time and leverage a flexible development model that doesn't require any programming skills.
Don't miss out on this powerful way for growing your business!

How it works:


Apply to the new ElectroNeek reseller program
and register your prospects


Your prospect discusses with ElectroNeek
their business automation needs and configuration options


The deal is closed with ElectroNeek,
you get paid a commission

Why should you be an Authorized ElectroNeek Reseller?

ElectroNeek Resellers enjoy reduced risks and costs and can focus entirely on sales.
Drive your first revenue from automation or accelerate existing growth.
Rapidly train your sales team with done-for-you templates and decks.
Utilize a flexible development model, even in the absence of dedicated programmers.