Build your first RPA bot with the ElectroNeek Studio Pro

Completing this course will help you understand the essentials of building RPA bot’s in different scenarios, you will be able to automate in a simple way with unlimited possibilities! Understanding what is a workflow and how it works. You will learn how to interact with the "Activities" menu, this menu is the principal tool for use because it lets you create a sequence of activities for automation, combining them as you wish.

Studio Pro
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Build your first RPA bot with the ElectroNeek Studio Pro

Course Description:

  • Understand the Workflows and Activities Logic
  • How to build different bots according to the type of need?
  • How to launch a bot created with the ElectroNeek suite?
Who this course for
RPA Developers
IT Developers
RPA Engineers
What you will learn?
What is a workflow?
How to build a bot that simulates pressing a specific hotkey or a key combination?
How to build a bot that copies one file`s content to another?
How to build a bot that selects an item from the drop-down list in the browser?
How to build a bot that Downloads a file from the specified URL?
Launching a bot complete workflow from the ElectroNeek Studio Pro to the Orchestrator SaaS

What's included:

Learning materials:

  • videos
  • interactive guidelines
  • quizes
Certification for the course completion

More then 250
successful partnerships


3 hours to complete
the course


Practical cases
from ElectroNeek experts

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