Dev Tool

Intuitive Interface

We, as business people, created an interface for business people. Basic knowledge of business analysis is enough to create production bots saving tons of human effort

Slick Features

Handy features at your fingertips, speeding up bot development. Bots are composed, tested and are ready to deliver you results in a couple of hours

Advanced Abilities

Get professional when you need it: logging, debugging, tracing, organizing projects and much more in one place


Account Handling

Google, Microsoft and other accounts your bot may need are being conveniently set up in one place

Rapid Execution

Whether you launch a bot from Dev Tool or it is scheduled on Orchestrator, Agent executes automation tremendously fast

Zero Consumption

If your PC or VM is good enough for your ERP, CRM, browser or any other software you automate, Agent will execute your bot with no demand for additional resources 



Your bots can run by themselves following the timeline you set up using flexible scheduling options


See your bots running, get statistics and feel the millions you are saving with ElectroNeek


Grow your business without hiring new people – just add more ElectroNeek Agents instead!

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