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ElectroNeek is the easiest to use Robotic Process Automation platform, requiring no IT resources to build automations that increase the execution of repetitive business processes by up to 25x with software bots. It automatically analyzes how selected users interact with business software to identify the most impactful automatable routines, maximizing your ROI.


Most automations don’t require IT experience (no-code/low-code), ideal for in-house implementations

Easy to use

The easiest to use RPA platform, according to G2, plus online academy and care service that helps to build bots


Automatically find repetitive processes, build and manage automations, all without IT involved

The ElectroNeek Platform

One of Top 3 RPA platforms in the US, according to G2. ElectroNeek is the easiest-to-use RPA platform that lets users master the automation lifecycle end-to-end, from the automatic discovery of repetitive business processes that can be automated across the organization to building powerful automations using not a single line of code.

100+ Enterprise-ready automations and connectors

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Unlike competitors, ElectroNeek is ready out-of-the-box.
No IT skills are required to set up the automatic search of repetitive processes across 100+ users in your


Automation with ElectroNeek is not just about building bots. We have all the Intelligent Automation tools under a single roof, from process discovery to orchestration. Previously only available to Fortune 500 companies, ElectroNeek lets organizations of all sizes succeed.



With ElectroNeek, you can automate desktop, browser, and scanned document workflows without a single line of code, even if you don’t have any prior IT experience. Upskill your internal IT resources to build advanced automations. Developers consider ElectroNeek to be the easiest RPA suite in the market. You won’t need expensive consultants to be successful.


ElectroNeek has best-in-class free online Academy and certifications. It is built by RPA industry pioneers who have gained a leading experience in designing and running educational programs for the world’s largest companies. Now, their knowledge is available for ElectroNeek users 24/7. Check out the Citizen Automators’s learning track design for business users who are making their first steps in RPA.


ElectroNeek provides extended care service to help you build bots of any complexity. Our premium support is focused on ensuring your success in any step of your automation implementation. Care is available on all pricing plans, a service option you wouldn’t find anywhere else.

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ElectroNeek helps companies achieve more by doing less

ElectroNeek is very intuitive and easy to use
Sam Narrainen

Sam Narrainen
Senior System Developer, Revature

Loving automation that makes a difference, I fell in love with ElectroNeek
Reuven Shelef
Managing Director,
Copia Growth Partners
Really quick RPA implementation and customer support

Tony Urban
CEO, DeckRobot

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Automatically find repetitive business processes

Create an account and invite users from your organization to join

The downloadable ElectroNeek Robot analyzes how users interact with different software to discover repetitive routines that can be automated. The robot looks at how often users switch between windows or use the clipboard, mouse, and keyboard. It does this seamlessly and without slowing the user’s work. Aggregated data is presented in the People Dashboard and doesn’t require any expertise to interpret insights – no consultants, analysts, or internal IT resources are needed to understand how much you can save with RPA automation.


Prioritize automation opportunities

People hate copy-pasting, robots love it

Learn about specific automation recommendations in the People Dashboard, by user or by software involved. Understand which activities take the most of users’ time, and what percentage of their working hours can be dedicated to more analytical tasks once the automations are deployed. Understand how RPA automations can lead to greater revenue or more efficient cost savings. Deciding where to focus your automation roadmap has never been so easy!


Automate repetitive business processes

As easy as instructing a new hire

Use the downloadable ElectroNeek Studio to design automated workflows. Robots built here can perform any repetitive action that a user can do, in any system, in any environment. The Studio works for both inexperienced business users, who are automation novices and are making their first steps (they can automated desktop and browser tasks using only their mouse), and for experienced IT professionals who want to build complex bots that can handle any repetitive action, even if it involves working with unstructured data or variable business documentation. No-code/low-code – all are welcome in the Studio.


Manage bot runtime and productivity

Digital transformation at your fingertips

Use the integrated ElectroNeek Orchestrator to schedule, launch, and monitor automated workflows and integrations with internal and external systems and services. Set triggers for processes and build bot sequences using webhooks. Make your bot ecosystem a well-oiled machine without any additional investments.


Access exclusive training and certifications for free

Educational tracks for core automation roles Historically, getting up to speed with Robotic Process Automation has been a challenge for many organizations, not just because of the complexity of RPA products but also due to constantly expanding technological capabilities and frequently changing roles of key stakeholders. ElectroNeek recognizes that investing in the education of its customers is equally important as investing in the ease of automation use. We offer separate learning tracks for executives, business managers, Citizen Automators, and professional development. Go to our Academy to start.

Get help and support

Leverage our premium care service
to automate even faster

Our experts are here to give you specific advice on building workflows

Do you want to automate taking data from one desktop app to another, but don’t know where to start? Still choosing between available OCR engines in order to process your invoices? Setting up robot triggers with advanced webhooks? It doesn’t matter if you have novice concerns or deep technical knowledge pushing the boundaries of RPA applicability; we are here to help all of our customers. We are the only RPA vendor to offer such an assisting service, making your implementations faster, more successful, and ensuring no one is left behind in the automation journey.

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