All-in-one Automation Hub

An automation management tool for all your running and scheduled workflows with automation suggestions based on your company’s workloads.

The Automation Hub is a suite of products used to identify, automate and orchestrate business processes. It shows suggested automation opportunities and actual benefits from previously launched robots, from ROI assessment to a calculation of time saved with ElectroNeek. Here you can also control bot activity and schedule new automation workflows. What are the components?

ElectroNeek Robot

Robot analyzes how users interact with different software to discover automation opportunities.
Accumulate user activity information to detect processes that should be automated
Keep sensitive information to yourself
Execute automation, allowing people to focus on processes with added-value

100% accurate results

Speeds up business processes

Ready to work 24/7/365

Get Spot-on Automation Recommendations

Receive specific recommendations about automation opportunities in your company based on ElectroNeek's analysis of your workloads
Discover inefficient business processes and robotize them
Reduce time spent on high-volume processes with data
Make workflow more cost-effective

Ad-hoc recommendations for each process

Achieve more with fewer resources

Reduce operational costs and increase ROI

ElectroNeek Studio is the automation building zone

Develop and launch workflows in the easy-to-use ElectroNeek Studio
Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
All the essentials for building a workflow in one place
No need for special knowledge to launch a workflow

Convenient to use by business and IT professionals

Build algorithms in minutes

Create custom workflows of any complexity

Orchestrate automation

Launch, monitor and control implementation of scheduled automation from one place
Control all attended and unattended bots
Add additional workflows for more effective results
Integration with external systems and services

See the automation progress in real-time

Schedule, launch and pause workflows

Analyze the potential of future automation

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