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Automation Hub

Automation Hub is a combination of web and downloadable components that together allows users to design, execute and monitor powerful automations  just a click away.

In 2020, ElectroNeek has been named one of the Top 3 RPA solutions by G2, which uses verified customer feedback as a major factor for rankings. This recognition came from the realization of the ElectroNeek team’s vision to build a Robotic Process Automation solution that can be effectively used by business users without IT expertise. This vision is based on the understanding of major RPA implementation pain point pitfalls and addressing them with technology, eliminating needs such as contracting expensive consultants or hiring experienced RPA developers.

Lowest barrier

The lowest barrier to start automating

Advanced automation

Advanced automations without significant RPA expertise

Free education

Free education and service that helps to build bots


Enterprise-grade security and compliance

What can be automated?

ElectroNeek Robots built and managed in the Automation Hub can do any repetitive action that a user can do on the level of the Graphic User Interface, so it can automate pretty much any work that you can describe with an instruction (or comfortably delegate to a new inexperienced hire).

It executes really fast (shrinking routine completion from 10 minutes to 10 seconds), so your business can boost revenue or reduce operating costs.

What is inside, and do I need an IT professional to use ElectroNeek?

Main RPA tools include a local Studio (to design processes), a Robot (to execute automations on end-user computers), and the web-based Orchestrator (to monitor and schedule processes across the organization).

Using these components doesn’t require any code at all as most desktop, browser, spreadsheets, and scanned files automations can be set up by mousework-only, an effective approach you wouldn’t find with other RPA solutions.

ElectroNeek is easy to understand yet it becomes very powerful and flexible when you use advanced automation activities that provide significant time savings for users. Users with minimal IT training can master such activities in a matter of hours. No need to know C# or Python.

Under the IT hood, ElectroNeek has recognized the simplicity of working with variables, JS code, subprograms, flexible process exception handling that aren’t provided by other RPA vendors. To make advanced automations easier, ElectroNeek uses native integrations with popular business apps (like MS Office) and SaaS services.

If you are an IT professional, you would love the fact that even the most advanced automations in ElectroNeek don’t require a significant coding background (actually, you may only want to know basics for low-code tasks) so you can always rely on your colleagues or other internal IT teams to implement ElectroNeek in-house.

Automate repetitive user actions in business applications and websites

Design ‘bots’ that can imitate any user actions in applications and computer systems

Build workflows that automate time-consuming, repetitive business processes

Let bots handle business routines that involve manual data extraction and entry from and to files, apps, web forms, etc.

Never again make employees manually pull data from scanned files like invoices - bots do it quicker than humans and without errors

Share bots with users in your organization or create ‘virtual workforce’ to run automations 24/7 (for processing bulk tasks)

Control all bots’ status in your team or company, build bot sequences and set triggers for automated execution (like incoming emails)


Invite users in your team or organization to discover time-consuming, repetitive tasks


Choose processes for automation using prioritized opportunities provided in Process discovery


Download the ElectroNeek Studio


Build your first automated process steps using drag-and-drop ‘activities’ in Studio


Set up a cadence of clicks on interface elements in any desktop app or website, all without a single line of code


Decide from where (field in an app, web page, spreadsheet, scanned document or another file) the robot should take data from if needed


Decide where the captured data should be entered, if required


Connect all your process steps in a workflow, from ‘Start’ to ‘Finish,’ and test the execution in Studio using test data


Finalize the workflow and save it into ‘.neek’ file


Decide on how to run the bot - in attended or unattended way


Depending on your choice, run the automated process locally, on your colleague’s computer (they only need to download ElectroNeek Robot to execute, no Studio required) or remotely on a virtual machine


Use the web-based ElectroNeek Orchestrator to monitor the status of all bots in your organization, schedule or set up process triggers for unattended bots


Harness the automation gains

Want to see ElectroNeek in action?

Explore capabilities of ElectroNeek during a Free Demo or ask all your questions to our RPA expert on 1-1 personalized consultation to achieve your business goals and get higher ROI from automation.