ElectroNeek Orchestrator

Connect and run your Digital Workforce at scale with a secure,
stable, and agile management solution
What is ElectroNeek Orchestrator?

an RPA Control Room where you integrate and connect bots with APIs, set up triggers,
build sequences, monitor and analyze bot performance on desktop and virtual machines

Save time on bot administration

Connect bots to Zapier, IFTTT or APIs

Make multiple bots working together

Deployment and Management
  • Deploy a Digital Workforce on-premise and get access in the cloud via a variety of devices, including mobile

  • Set triggers and manage Digital Workforce tasks depending on the events occurring in your files or emails

  • Plan Digital Workforce activity by scheduling launch and active time
Provisioning and Connections
  • Launch a Digital Workforce from a browser or any external application using webhooks

  • Speed up workflows while automating the switches among your apps via Zapier / IFTTT сonnections
ElectroNeek and Zapier connection

Automate app switching by creating your own Zaps or using our pre-built Zap templates:

Monitoring and Audit Trails
  • Better organize workflows with the list of active/inactive Digital Workers available

  • Ensure high governance level with workforce log trails

We know that the majority of RPA scaling initiatives fail because of increasing cost of bot administration, limited connectivity and security requirements.

We built ElectroNeek orchestrator to address these specific scalability challenges.

Want to learn how to manage bots as scale in the most efficient way?

How it works
Launch Orchestrator
Connect to the existing bots
Launch, schedule, and set up triggers
Activate external connections
  • SOC Compliant

  • AWS Guard Duty

  • Private data stays on the bot level, not in Orchestrator
Ready to start?

Choose the right tool for your business needs

Cloud Orchestrator
$7 800 /year

No installation needed, easy to connect with Zapier and other SaaS services. Secured by AWS Guard Duty

On-Premises Orchestrator

Flexible deployment. Installed, managed, and updated by a customer on-premises