Orchestrate your automation

Launch, schedule, and monitor
automation in one place

ElectroNeek Orchestrator

The Orchestrator is the center of your automation management system. It allows administrators and assigned users to control all running and paused robots from one place, schedule their launch, and analyze the results of automation without having to write a single line of code.

It is an essential part of automation that allows users to easily integrate with your favorite business software and third-party applications for the most effective automation. The Orchestrator also tracks and logs every robot’s action, along with everything people do with robots, so that you can stay within necessary security compliance.

The most intuitive RPA admin and control room

Single web service to connect and scale automation

One automation management tool for all your active and scheduled robots. You can efficiently control workflow execution by all unattended bots and add new ElectroNeek Robots anytime they are needed, scaling automation in your company without numerous heavy-lifting integrations.

control room
easy setup

Easy to set up and admin

The biggest tech marketplace, G2, awarded ElectroNeek with “Ease of Setup” and “Ease of Admin” RPA solution statuses in 2020, highlighting the intuitive interface of the Studio and a valuable ability to set up and admin automation execution without having any experience in coding. This way, ElectroNeek became a useful RPA solution for business professionals who strive to increase work productivity by automating repetitive tasks.

Simple yet compliant with Enterprise Security standards

ElectroNeek is committed to user data security and aims to meet generally accepted international ISO/IEC 2700 security standards. ElectroNeek is set up according to SOC 2 compliance, and it’s backed up by AWS GuardDuty to ensure the safety of information provided. ElectroNeek Robotics is a member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). Enterprise-grade security guarantees the safety of ElectroNeek users’ personal information.

control room

How it works


Go to your account at electroneek.com


Build a workflow in ElectroNeek Studio for one of your Robots and publish it


Go to the Orchestrator page


Choose one of the Robots that have been already used for process automation


Assign a Robot to execute a workflow by scheduling its launch, or use a webhook to simplify your automation execution step


Activate your workflow and see how the ElectroNeek Robot swiftly executes your routine tasks

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