Increase productivity
with People Dashboard

With the People Dashboard, businesses are able to analyze the productivity of users across different software and swiftly identify time-consuming processes to automate them, allowing them to get more things done without the extra hours. The People Dashboard displays the statistics of time spent in particular software by users to identify automation opportunities. Based on that data, it recommends automating repetitive, rule-based tasks.

Discover how much time users spend in particular software and calculates the automation potential for each user's workloads
Track user's productivity
Automatically find time-consuming business processes
Optimize the workloads of users
Discover the most used/unused business software in your company
Build an efficient data management system

Speed Up Workflow

Robotize routine processes and finish more tasks in the same time

Smarter Moves

Make data-informed business decisions

Unlock Potential

Automatically find business automation opportunities

Make Employees Happy

No more after-hours with loads of documents

Easy To Use

No need for expensive consultants or special knowledge to transfer routine processes to robots

Higher ROI

See the results of process automation in the first quarter

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