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Discover processes for RPA automation, out-of-the-box

Automatically find automation opportunities
with ElectroNeek discovery bots

People Dashboard

Web component of THE ElectroNeek Platform

which aggregates data from Discovery Bots to instantly identify time-consuming, repetitive processes for Robotic Process Automation.

Analyzes patterns of repetitive actions

that users do in business apps to find what processes can be automated with the highest ROI. It also provides users with automation potential estimates for each application or business website and generates specific automation recommendations.

Shows what % of time users can get back

by automating tasks like manual data extraction and entry, desktop, spreadsheet, and browser workflows, clicks in legacy systems, or processing of data from scanned documents. This data, the "automation potential" can be accessed on company-wide or even the individual user/application level.

All features of the People Dashboard are available during the trial period. Users can deploy 100+ discovery bots for free, get the first estimates, and identify the first processes without any set up effort or IT resources. Interpretation of analysis results doesn’t require any prior expertise, which makes the decision making on potential RPA implementations a straight-forward process.  

The People Dashboard is an innovative out-of-the box process discovery solution that no other RPA vendor has yet to offer, making the RPA journey with ElectroNeek easy to start and scale (we promise you will be surprised by % of automatable routine discovered in your organization).

We specifically made process discovery available for 100+ users, even in our starter plan, in order to democratize access to RPA for companies outside of large enterprises that invest hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in process discovery and process mining tools.

For Enterprise clients, ElectroNeek offers an unlimited number of discovery bots so you can easily deploy them across the whole company, something you wouldn’t find anywhere else on the market.

Why clients love RPA process discovery with the People Dashboard:

Easy to start

It doesn’t take long to create an account and invite users to download discovery bots during the 14-day free trial period. Unlike other process discovery solutions, ElectroNeek doesn't require any specific training or IT resources to launch the routine search journey.

Simple to interpret results

You wouldn’t need consultants or business analysts to understand what automation gains you may realize with RPA implementations or to digest specific automation recommendations provided by the ElectroNeek platform. With a single click, you will get the full list of automation opportunities in prioritized order.

Confident to move ahead

Without RPA process discovery powered by ElectroNeek, how would you ever know that you are automating the most impactful and painful processes first? Many executives and managers struggle to find the right processes for RPA implementation, and ElectroNeek completely eliminates this problem and lack of confidence with technology.

Effortless to measure the result

Set up process efficiency goals and check in with the People Dashboard periodically to monitor progress towards your automation targets. The process analytics data is stored for up to 12 months so you can always see a clear picture of your automation gains.

Automatically identify patterns of repetitive actions and processes

Analyze user's productivity in business software and web services

Automatically find time-consuming business processes

Receive automation recommendations for repetitive processes

Prioritize automation opportunities

Monitor the elimination of inefficiencies and progress towards your automation goals

How it works


Invite users in your team or organization


Download ElectroNeek Robots to users computers


Let the robots work as Discovery Bots (default for new users)


See the most-time consuming business apps in the People Dashboard


See the automation potential based on the share of repetitive actions, by user, by business app


Learn what repetitive user actions can be automated


See specific data-driven Automation recommendations in RPA Tools to prioritize automaton opportunities


Start automating identified repetitive routines with ElectroNeek Studio


Check-in regularly with the People Dashboard to track automation gains and discover new opportunities as your business processes and IT infrastructure change

Want more information about ElectroNeek and RPA?

Explore capabilities of ElectroNeek in action during a Free Demo or ask all your questions to our RPA expert on 1-1 personalized consultation to achieve your business goals and get higher ROI from automation