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ElectroNeek Studio

ElectroNeek Studio is the downloadable automation building canvas that lets users develop and launch automations without having to write a single line of code. It is an intuitive no-API automation tool with limitless capabilities for business process automation. All RPA bots are designed with ElectroNeek Studio.

ElectroNeek Studio is the leader in G2’s Robotic Process Automation software ‘Ease of Use’ category, scoring 9.6 in user reviews compared to the 8.3 average among the Top-13 global RPA vendors. You can download a report with insights and top vendors comparisons.

Learn more about how ElectroNeek competes in Gartner’s Competitive Landscape: RPA software, May 2020

ElectroNeek Studio is a productivity software solution which lets you automate

Tasks between any desktop applications, like clicking through, copy-pasting, etc.

Tasks in browsers, like navigating websites, completing web forms, or data scraping

Tasks that involve taking data from scanned files and inputting it in any destination file or software

Tasks that involve taking data to and from spreadsheets, in desktop MS Excel or in Google Cloud

Such tasks make up repetitive business processes which can be executed up to 25x faster with bots designed in ElectroNeek Studio.

What makes ElectroNeek Studio so easy to use?


for users without IT experience. Our Element Picker function is so simple to use that no IT skills are needed for the majority of steps in desktop and browser process automation, requiring no coding at all.


ElectroNeek Studio has many features, like working with unstructured data, that are made easy for developers with minimum experienced in technology. No C# or Python knowledge needed, only the basics of JavaScript. No other top RPA solution offers such a low barrier to start automating.


with reusable presets to give your automation projects a boost. ElectroNeek builds strong partnerships with technology providers like Sage (top vendor of accounting software) to identify painful use cases and design presets meant to solve them.


with tracks for different types of roles in the automation journey – executive, citizen automator, workflow developer etc. More than 5000 learners took ElectroNeek classes since their launch in 2019.


Unlike the support service provided by other vendors that focuses on product issues, our Extended Care team helps you to connect the dots in the automation of your process and actually helps you with bot design.

Tools to enable your RPA success from the first implementation

Neat drag-and-drop interface with all the essentials for building a workflow of any complexity, intuitive even for the first-time automators. Activity searches and subprograms make it convenient for quick automation with reusable components. Use the activity panel to quickly access 200+ pre-set process steps.

Multi-step process Element Picker that works in both Desktop applications (including Legacy systems) and popular browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.).

Mouse-only tuning of processes recorded with the Element Picker makes building bot logic, like data scraping, intuitive and simple for users with no IT experience.

Visual automation of spreadsheet actions. ElectroNeek’s unique feature, not offered anywhere else in the RPA market, makes most Excel cases automatable by users with no IT experience.

Intelligent assistance for variable creation and quick access to them to speed up workflow building, unique to the RPA industry.

Native integrations with popular desktop and cloud business applications like Microsoft Office and Google Suite.

Native integrations with Optical Character Recognition tools (Google, Microsoft, ABBYY) and visual data extraction from templates (train a bot to search for data in specific areas across a document with a click of a mouse).

Process and automate the extraction of data from standard documents such as invoices and applications within minutes, without coding.

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