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ElectroNeek Desktop RPA

Connect all your corporate systems and apps to enhance your team’s productivity, save time and money

ElectroNeek is a software that augments employee actions in desktop and SaaS apps

It swiftly executes complex cross-application workflows with no mistakes

It connects all you apps and systems together (spreadsheets, browser, CRM, email, and more) 

  • Connect desktop and SaaS bots to work together, with or without a virtual machine
  • Free advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feautre means free extraction of data from scanned files and PDFs
  • Secure data transfers with trusted protocols
  • Powerful use of webhooks

The most affordable business automation solution offered by 150+ implementation partners worldwide

Save time and

Complete routine tasks 100x faster without errors.

Make employees

Give teams more time and space to focus on analytical tasks.

Get Quick

Automate processes at a fraction of the amount spent on alternatives.

ElectroNeek Desktop RPA

Development tool

Drag and drop automation features for cloud and desktop apps – design with visual programming (blocks) using intuitive interface.

Capture business processes with no programming – employees or analysts can design workflows without any programming skills (use TO-DO blocks), more experienced users can subsequently turn them into executable workflows.


Can be installed without Development Tool to run bots, deployed on a local or virtual machine.

Control Room

Schedule execution of the automated processes.

Configure running order and connections between desktop and SaaS bots.

Run multiple bots on different machines from one application.

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Office workers performing repetitive tasks


(can complete 30-minute task in 30 seconds)

Often overloaded with routine repetitive tasks

Doesn't Do Mistakes

Prone to human error

Doesn’t take time off

Appreciate having more time for analytical tasks


Deploys in days not weeks, connects any apps

Takes much more time to develop, connects only apps with APIs

Flexible workflows that are easy to modify and re-use

Once programmed, costly to modify

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Abundance of implementation talent – advanced functions require only basic JavaScript knowledge

Costly implementation talent and longer deployment cycles (Python, C++, etc.)

Affordable even for small and medium size companies

Business model for large corporations

SaaS orchestration

Automates tasks that involve actions in both desktop and/or in cloud

Automates only cloud tasks but not desktop

Accepts workflow logic of any complexity

Basic workflow logic limits applicable use cases

Why clients love ElectroNeek RPA?

Because ElectroNeek helps people spend more time on what matters, leaving the routine tasks automated

What can be automated right now?

ElectroNeek automates any business process that can be described by an instruction. Yes – for any employee actions, even if complex decision-making is involved, it has the powerful tools to do it.

ElectroNeek works seamlessly with popular office apps, enterprise software, web, desktop and SaaS solutions, and even with legacy systems.

Routine employee tasks in web and intranet pages, completing forms, clicking on buttons, uploading and downloading files

Decision-making and taking actions based on instructions, rules, or Machine Learning logic

Data collection: excel tables, emails, scanned documents, ERP, CRM, web applications, etc.

Data entry (e.g. moving customer data to CRM, creating new documents, populating templates, and generating emails)

Migration of data from legacy systems and apps

Connect all the apps, systems and services  your employees use for business

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