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What is AI or artificial intelligence?

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a broad branch of computer science. It’s a software system that carries out specific jobs that usually need humans. Marvin Minsky and John McCarthy are the fathers of AI technology. Such AI researchers have helped develop this field.

A — Artificial

Artifical stands for the artificial machine that will replace intensive labor. It is a machine programmed to mimic a human.

I — Intelligence

Intelligence refers to human intelligence. It’s the art of building intelligence that helps machines mimic humans.

It is more than just science fiction. AI systems are a powerful technology. It improves productivity and customer experience for your MSP’s clients. Furthermore, if your MSP wants to start small, there are limited AI options.

What`s AI and what can it do?

AI to the rescue

Currently, the quantity of data is way more than humans and machines can read, interpret, and make together. AI is the foundation for natural language processing (NLP). It also assists in complicated decision-making.

In today`s world AI has become vital for your client’s success. It gives software and bots humans capabilities such as:

  • Understanding
  • Debating
  • Communicating
  • Perceiving
  • Classifying
  • Interpreting
  • Analyzing

Suppose we take fraud detection as an example. Banks use AI for two things.

Firstly, the initial score of applicants for credit. AI decides when a credit application is accepted or rejected. Secondly, more strong AI monitors and detects fraud card payments and transactions as they happen.

So, what can AI actually do?

AI at work

As AI is a type of intelligence, it is often used for problem-solving. Well, aside from playing chess, AI development can give your clients’:

  • Solutions
  • Answer questions
  • Make predictions
  • Offer other strategic suggestions
  • Social media functions
  • Act as personal assistants
  • Communicating through email
  • Searching the web
  • Improving customer service
  • Analytics

The tasks outlined above help improve the efficiency of employees for MSPs and their clients by helping them focus on revenue-generating activities.

Does AI have anything to do with RPA? Are they the same?

AI is different compared to RPA. RPA works with employees to automate repetitive processes. In comparison, AI provides automation solutions that don’t need much human involvement. RPA tools are rule-based and deal with structured data. AI tools are data-based, deal with unstructured data, and use unique logic. For example, AI tools follow actions based on data analysis.

AI and RPA, when combined, are the most successful technologies. They increase customer satisfaction and employees’ team spirit. It also reduces operating costs. It offers a great opportunity and demand for MSPs to provide AI solutions.

RPA and AI work together to provide your clients with fully automated solutions. For instance, banks now fully automate opening an account using both technologies. But the result is satisfying with happier customers and more money-saving opportunities for any bank.

With AI and RPA, MSPs can automate several complicated business workflows for their clients. It is also helpful for their clients to deal with unstructured data like:

  • Scanned documents
  • Emails
  • Natural speech

Where can AI be used? be used?

Many global industries use artificial intelligence for various processes. There are many departments and services AI is helpful. Let`s look at a few of the functional areas of AI:


Customer service

  • Predictive analysis
  • Using chatbots to tend to customers
  • Resource optimization
  • 24/7 customer support

Financial services

  • Fraud detection
  • Predict credit score
  • Reduce rates of commission
  • Helping customers make intelligent decisions about money spending


  • Streamlines distribution channels
  • Reduces production costs
  • Cuts out redundancies
  • Improves management of supply chains

IT services

  • Higher security of systems
  • Faster and accurate coding
  • Improved server optimization

Human resources

  • Keeps in track of contact details
  • Verification of legal documents
  • Makes employment screening process easy
  • Customizing procedures to staff needs


  • Target marketing with Product suggestions
  • AI-powered PPC advertising
  • Personalized website experience
  • Prediction of churn
  • Better customer engagement

Wait, can’t my client’s IT department do the same? What makes AI a game changer?

 Helpful AI bot

Can your client’s IT department develop and implement AI automation? Yes, If the IT department has skilled talent and experience with the tools. Most departments don’t. It is expensive, and training might be required if the team lacks the know-how.

AI is relatively new and is still developing in some areas. In addition, experienced developers are difficult to find and more expensive. Yet, the problems still need to be solved. That is why MSPs’ providing AI tools and software play a significant role in effectively carrying out end-to-end automation.

AI will provide close to 15\.7 trillion (2030) to the global economy, which equals the current output of both China and India together. It also showed that 6.6 trillion dollars would come from higher productivity.

Such statistics show that AI will be prominent in the coming years. It will continue to provide remarkable value to the business world, making work simpler and quicker. A few of the main advantages for your MSP’s clients include the following:

  • Increase productivity
  • Better customer experiences
  • Improved decision making
  • Innovating products and services
  • Increase cost savings
  • Increase efficiency of operations

Additionally, AI helps in performing turing tests. A Turing test checks whether the computer can think like a human. It is a simple way to find out if a bot can have a conversation without being detected as a machine.

Key Takeaways

Artificial intelligence
  • AI is a computer or robot that can perform tasks just like humans.
  • AI and RPA combined provide end-to-end automation solutions that make it easier for MSPs’ clients.
  • Top AI functions include: <br/>Problem-solving, making predictions, dealing with unstructured data, and offering strategic suggestions.
  • That`s why ElectroNeek`s platform is such a powerful tool. It uses many RPA and AI tools to solve problems. Such technologies like:
  • OCR
  • Speech recognition
  • Chatbots
  • Machine learning
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