Data capture automation

ElectroNeek helps you automate Data Capture processes in five clicks.

Free your employees’ time for more significant and strategic tasks.

Create your own Software Robots based on RPA technology to help your employees be more productive.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots allow you to automate the Data Capture process in your company regardless of the complexity and number of used systems.

ElectroNeek bots imitate employee’s actions in desktop and web applications, letting your Data Capture process go without mistakes 24/7.

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Fast and error-free data entry from print media

Massive Data

Entering data from numerous sources and in different formats is a complex process


Large amount of digital data in tables requires spending a lot of time on its processing

People Mistakes

Mistakes caused by ‘human factor’ are inevitable especially in manual data entry


People sometimes have to spend extra hours performing tasks that involve data entry


The more routine tasks people get, the less productive they become

What is Data Capture?

It is a process of extracting and digitizing critical data from documents of all types. The corporate systems used are usually finance, ERP, and CRM applications. An extensive amount of structured data systems do not supply ‘data capture’ functionality, let alone have the capability to support all of the methods of capture that are required to carry the full range of business requirements. This is where ElectroNeek can help.

What are the benefits of Data Capture?

  • It improves a business’s efficiency. You can process forms faster, and data becomes accessible sooner. 
  • It helps to provide better customer service. Performing excellent service is more apparent when your information is accurate.
  • It’s easier to cross-reference information in the database. 
  • It allows you to perform data analysis to discover patterns.
  • It increases Security and Storage. Digitized data is more secure and more manageable to store than paper documents.
  • It reduces mistakes and improves accuracy. Nobody is secured from errors created by ‘human factor.’ With an automated process, you can reduce the number of errors during the capture stage. Indexing information is easy, as well.
  • Leave Paper Behind. If you’re still using paper documents and manual keying, it’s time to make a change. There are so many better ways to capture the information you need for your business.

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