Data extraction and ETL automation

ElectroNeek helps you automate Data Extraction / ETL processes with ease.

Allow your employees to work on creative tasks, leaving routine automated

Create your own Software Robots based-on RPA technology to free your employees from routine.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots allow you to automate the Data Extraction process in your company regardless of the complexity and number of used systems/platforms.

ElectroNeek bots imitate employee’s actions in desktop and web applications, letting your data extraction process run without mistakes 24/7.

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Fast and error-free data entry from print media

Massive Data

Entering data from numerous sources and in different formats is a precise process


Large amount of digital data in tables requires spending a lot of time on its processing

People Mistakes

Mistakes caused by ‘human factor’ are inevitable especially in manual data entry


People sometimes have to spend extra hours performing tasks that involve data entry


The more routine tasks people get, the less productive they become

What are Data Extraction and ETL Processes?

Data extraction is a process of retrieving unstructured or poorly structured data out of data sources (web, excel, csv, databases, etc.) for further actions with it within a workflow. Often the import is followed by data transformation and sometimes the addition of metadata before its export to another platform or system.

ETL stands for extract, transform, load – three prior database functions that can be united into one tool to pull data out of one database and put it into another one.

  • The extract is the process of reading data from a database. In this stage, the data is collected, often from multiple and different types of sources.
  • The transform is the process of converting the extracted information into a different form, which is more suitable for the ‘destination’ database. Transformation occurs by using specific rules or by linking new information with existing data.
  • The load is the final process of writing the data into the target database.

How ETL Works

First, data gathered from one or several sources is extracted and copied to the data repository (Data Warehouse). When dealing with large volumes of data and multiple source systems, the input is consolidated.

ETL is used to migrate data from one database to another. To load a vast amount of data to and from data repositories, sometimes, the specific process is required. Here you have to convert (transform) databases from one format or type to another to load information faster and more accurately.

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