Legacy/No API Automation

ElectroNeek helps you automate processes in Legacy systems and/or without API in five clicks.

Free your employees’ time for more significant and strategic tasks.

Create your own Software Robots based on RPA technology to help your employees become more productive.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots allow you to automate processes in the Legacy system and even without API regardless of the complexity and number of used systems.

ElectroNeek bots imitate employee’s actions in desktop and web applications, letting your process automation go without mistakes 24/7.

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Fast and error-free data entry from print media

Massive Data

Entering data from numerous sources and in different formats is a complex process


Large amount of digital data in tables requires spending a lot of time on its processing

People Mistakes

Mistakes caused by ‘human factor’ are inevitable especially in manual data entry


People sometimes have to spend extra hours performing tasks that involve data entry


The more routine tasks people get, the less productive they become

Automation in Legacy Systems

Today, companies have to be flexible and ready for fluctuations in the continually changing business environment. The legacy systems should be regularly updated to avoid any issues with modern and more advanced technologies. Entreprises need to deliver valuable results as quickly as possible to the target audience.

A well-chosen data management methodology is an efficient pattern for maintaining the automation of the processes in a legacy system.

RPA allows businesses to connect core software solutions and reduce the number of mechanical tasks that employees do daily in a legacy system. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to automate repetitive modern office assignments. There is an app for all kinds of routine tasks hosted in the cloud, integrated via APIs, CRM, ERP, productivity, and other apps that run today’s enterprises.

Automation without API

If you need to collect data or perform an action on the web without access to an API, there are a couple of ways you can hack it, and ElectroNeek is here to assist you with the Web Data Parsing. Data parsing is aimed to help companies use data more accurately. It allows businesses to validate the read data. 

Building an API is not easy and is not necessary in the modern world. Web data parsing is an excellent tool, and you should add it to your digital toolbox! 

Robotic process automation in the legacy system or without API might sound too complicated and time-consuming, but in reality, it has to be neither of those. ElectroNeek provides helpful tools that modernize your workflow by automating routine business tasks.

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