Active Cybersecurity Monitoring

Enhance your IT security with Cybersecurity Monitoring Tools that allow continuous observation of servers through RMM systems or direct server monitoring, generating timely alerts when necessary.

Use Case Highlights

  • Connect with your RMM system or directly on each server to continuously monitor and gather essential security stats, ensuring comprehensive coverage without gaps.

  • Automatically collect important security indicators such as installed apps, OS versions, and firewall settings to maintain a robust defense posture.

  • Employ logic activities to analyze the security data and determine if immediate alerts need to be generated, enhancing proactive security measures.

  • Set up bots to send instant email notifications to users and managers when potential security threats are detected, enabling swift action.

  • Extend monitoring capabilities to VMs, Citrix, RDP, and more, ensuring that no server, regardless of its environment, is left out of your security strategy.

  • Deploy bots that operate around the clock, every day of the year, to provide continuous security monitoring and leave no room for blind spots in your cybersecurity defense.

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