What is RPA

From back office tasks to emails, businesses are saving time and money by employing Robotic Process Automation

RPA or Robotic Process Automation is a non-disruptive, non-invasive, and easy way to optimize your workflow by delegating routine tasks to bots. 

The principles of RPA:

  1. If the process can be described by instructions, it can be automated
  2. If you spend 15 minutes or more on a routine task, it should be automated
  3. If the repetitive process needs to be done error-free, it has to be automated

What are RPA bots

RPA bots look like an invisible humans swiftly executing scripted repetitive tasks with no mistakes.

Bots efficiently connect all your IT solutions (office apps, browser, emails, etc. ) and help employees spend more time on what matters, leaving the routine tasks automated.

Use Case: Email Attachments

You receive an email with attached PDF file

electroNeek automatically extracts the data from the document

All the information is put into an Excel spreadsheet with incoming information

The automated process ends with the data sent to your CRM system (like Salesforce) 

Benefits of using RPA

  1. Better data management
    RPA bots can move data between apps and documents, create folders and overall systemize database, which makes it easier for employees to create weekly/quarterly reports that they spend valuable time on. 

  2. Employees have more time for analytical tasks
    The productivity of employees is correlated with the tasks they are given. Bots can work 24/7/365 and complete lots of different activities with straightforward instructions and algorithms. With RPA bots employees will have more time to devote to value-added and creative tasks instead of routine ones.

  3. Fewer errors due to ‘human factor’
    RPA bots are aimed to enable and empower the organization’s people rather than replace them. Due to the dependence on people, RPA bots work on programmed tasks, but the probability of errors is much lower than with humans who get tired, sick, bored or daydream about vacations during work hours.

  4. Increased customer satisfaction
    The elimination of the scope of manual errors reduces the number of complaints. Bots can give faster answers to the users and with higher accuracy.

ElectroNeek RPA Platform

ElectroNeek RPA augments employee actions in desktop and cloud apps, automating any business process that can be described by an instruction.

With ElectroNeek, you can accomplish anything a user can with a mouse and a keyboard. Taking it up a notch, it comes with automated connectors (APIs) to the most popular office and personal apps that enhance work speed.

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electroNeek platform. Release 1.7

Implementation at a glance

  • Instruction. Creating an automation workflow for electroNeek is in fact very similar to putting instruction for a new employee.
  • Workflow. Implementing our solution means turning this instruction into an executable algorithm (‘bot’ logic).
  • Use It. Once bot logic is created, it can be run on a local machine (desktop), a virtual machine or completely in Cloud, if you are automating work in SaaS platforms.

It’s simple to connect different types of bots into powerful workflows that can save your employees’ time!

Deploys in several days not weeks, connects any applications

Flexible workflows that are easy to modify and re-use

Affordable even for small and medium size companies

Advanced functions require only basic JavaScript knowledge

Automates tasks that involve actions in both desktop and/or in cloud

Accepts workflow logic of any complexity

  • Process with high transaction volume that runs periodically (on a daily or weekly basis)
  • Rule-based process where a decision is made based on predictive rules
  • Well-documented, stable process that has predictable operational costs
  • Process with low variation scenarios in the activities that could lead to different handling of procedures
  • Process that can potentially provide significant automation savings
  • Process with no upcoming changes in methodology
  • Process that requires to have inputs in typical formats (JPG, XML, PDFs, etc.)

Note. Operations that hit all these criteria are generally back-office processes in HR, Finance, and IT as well as front office processes such as Retail and Customer Support.

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