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10 Useful Bots for Marketing

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All MSPs need to market themselves often without a dedicated marketing department making it more burdensome on the staff. Companies need to find a solution to improve marketing efficiency and ensure there are no costly delays. Here is where Robotic Process Automation(RPA) does the trick.

Momentum Data reported that using RPA in the sales and marketing departments reduces repetitive functions by 80%. They are allowing repetitive tasks to perform seamlessly and drastically improve productivity. 

Automating tasks means less need to perform mundane, time-consuming, and stressful functions, resulting in more time for MSPs staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks within the marketing workflow. The result involves an increase in productivity, profits, customer satisfaction, and talent augmentation. Hence, RPA would be the right fit for MSPs in automating tiresome marketing tasks.

Challenges of Routine in Marketing

Each department has unique challenges and hurdles in dealing with repetitive tasks that take too much time. The MSPs marketing department has specific challenges; described below are the three primary challenges:

1. Creating awareness: MSPs mainly depend on referrals to get new leads. Such a form of marketing is beneficial, but it is not sustainable in growing long-term. A survey by Datto displayed that 1200 MSPs' primary concern was lead generation. Companies often get trapped in the process of maintaining existing business relationships and rarely add new clients. RPA can assist in finding leads from different sources and enter their details quickly, which can take an employee's hours to do.

2. Dealing with repetitive tasks: Time is money for the MSPs marketing department that works on numerous projects simultaneously. The primary issue marketers face in dealing with managing schedules, tasks, and satisfying customers is very hectic. Most marketing staff end up using most of the time to perform repetitive tasks in workflows that are automated quickly. 

Marketers use many applications such as CRMs, quote estimators, and analytics tools, making it more complex and prone to errors due to coordinating numerous disjointed systems. ElectroNeek's RPA bots have proven to be quite successful for many MSPs in performing, coordinating, and managing the complete workflow from one location without the need for much manual intervention. 

3. Altered consumer expectations: With the number of MSPs rising, clients have many more choices that make standing out vital. A greater understanding of technology and access to analysts often results in overthinking, leading to no decision. Such a difference in behavior changes the way marketers need to attract new clients. With more focus on client satisfaction, MSPs have to find new ways to add value to impress and beat the competition; RPA can help.

RPA for Marketing: Advantages

The above challenges make it evident there is a need for RPA in the marketing department of MSPs. To understand the actual value, let's divulge more profoundly into the advantages of using RPA. Below are some of the primary benefits:

1. Handling repetitive tasks faster: RPA bots can execute marketing tasks using an interface linked with an application. The bot not only decreases the workload, but finishes the tasks quicker than humanly possible. RPA follows a distinct process mapped out well, making the workflow error-free and eliminating expensive delays. For example, a task such as filling in new client details can be automated quickly, providing more time for the marketing staff to focus on client satisfaction. ElectroNeek is a popular RPA vendor that excels at automating workflows for MSPs' marketing activities with fantastic success stories.

2. Providing competitive pricing: Currently, clients are way more tech-savvy and track prices to get good deals providing implications for MSPs. Managed Service Providers need to maintain competitive pricing to be successful in a cut-throat market. Marketers often have to track pricing and trends from various sources, making it time-consuming and prone to errors. 

Here is where RPA steps in to automate such processes and makes it possible to offer more attractive pricing through real-time reports on market prices. With ElectroNeek, not only do you ensure competitive pricing to your clients, but it is also inexpensive to adopt high-quality RPA, making it a vendor chosen by many.

3. Producing accurate intelligence reports and analysis: As competition increase, the amount of data available for the marketing department becomes challenging to track. If the staff spends all their time manually analyzing the data, there will be no time to sell, creating an opportunity for RPA. An RPA bot programmed can finish such analysis and provide reports when needed. A few areas in which RPA becomes useful is:

  • Tracking the tactics used by the competition to promote their products and increase sales.
  • Identification of any new players in the market as the bot works 24 hours.
  • Providing in-depth insights into what is working and not in existing activities.

For example, suppose an error occurs with one of the client accounts. In that case, the bot will instantly notify a sales representative who can fix the issue in real-time and avoid losing business to the competition due to unforeseeable delays.

4. Managing Customer Relationship Management(CRM): The marketing team, along with the sales team, is responsible for managing client contact information like name, email, and phone number. CRM is vital, but consistently updating it is tiresome and prone to errors when done manually. 

Here, RPA can deploy bots to aggregate contact details, with no time wasted on looking for company names or other essential information. A bot can then update the CRM tool with new data as it is generated in real-time while also providing additional context to each prospect. 

ElectroNeek excels at automating scanning and recording details through the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which can efficiently accomplish the above task without manual interference. Hence, offering numerous benefits such as higher productivity, higher client satisfaction, less time-consuming, and higher profits.

Ten Use Cases of RPA in Marketing

1. Attractive pricing and monitoring the competition: RPA bots can search the web for insights on new prospects and the competition. It can collect the relevant data on MSPs' online presence in comparison with the competition. Additionally, it can track performance over the long run, providing more time for the marketing staff to make well-informed decisions to improve sales and profits. 

ElectroNeek's RPA bots can complete the above tasks faster than humanly possible, saving many hours of work with increased productivity levels, leading to more revenue for your MSP. For example, if the competition changes prices regularly on promotions, an RPA bot is programmed to provide such information fast, which can take the staff numerous hours to find out. 

2. Efficiently storing customer information: Entering and classifying various categories of client data across the organization is very time-consuming and often results in errors and delays. Here RPA bots can store data systematically and add or remove customer information in real-time without much human intervention while providing easy access. 

Consistently reviewing old client information and focusing on new clients' data through bots contributes significantly to marketing, enabling higher sales. For example, an employee forgets to input certain further client information, confusing while a bot can add the data as it comes in to avoid errors of omission. 

3. Managing data: MSPs need to constantly capture data from various sources in different formats, which remains an issue for markets, as many errors may occur in manually processing. If the data is filled with mistakes and flawed due to employee fatigue, it can be costly for MSPs. Hence, accurate data management is vital. 

For example, when flawed customer support data gets used, unsatisfactory results might break clients' trust. Here is where ElectroNeek's RPA bots can offer the best solution in the market without the need for licensing and an inexpensive pricing model.

4. Monitoring social media trends: Social media has quickly become an essential aspect of every type of business, including MSPs making it vital to monitor relevant trends and content on social media. By focusing on social media trends, one can improve the effectiveness of content marketing and take appropriate actions at the right time. It can be daunting for employees to ensure they don't miss a single new trend buried under mounts of social data, which is where RPA bots come in. 

Such bots can track, monitor, and provide relevant social media data in real-time, making it easier for the marketing staff to ensure no opportunity gets missed. For example, a new trend might start outside business hours, and the marketing staff can be notified instantly by an RPA bot, making it easy to plan and create content around it. 

5. Generating leads: As evident in the above sections, finding leads is one of the top concerns for MSPs. RPA bots not only find more leads, but do it faster, improving sales efficiency in the process. Such a task is daunting, and tiring, taking several hours when done manually. For example, marketing teams want to get leads to promote a new product; a bot gets high-quality leads in no time without wasting resources.

6. Nurturing leads: Nurturing existing leads from various sources is critical and can be accomplished effectively through automation. RPA can automate instant follow-ups and interactions with current leads, making the process of nurturing easier for marketers. Providing quick responses to clients can be done through RPA by programming friendly and appealing replies that advance the sales conversation. For example, if the marketing staff's workload is high, they might miss replying to a lead resulting in loss of sales. Such errors are avoided by using RPA bots.

7. ​​Reading and routing emails: Email marketing is used across industries and is effective. However, the marketing staff spends long hours reading emails, tagging and sending them to the proper channel, tiring and repetitive. Such a process is easily automated to save MSPs hours of work while increasing productivity drastically. 

For example, a medium-sized insurance company whose marketing team spends five-plus hours reading, tagging, and distributing emails to the correct representative; high degree of emails coming left some emails unopened or forgotten, resulting in unsatisfied customer feedback. ElectroNeek'sElectroNeek's RPA bot was used at every step of the interaction, reducing the time spent drastically while bringing in positive reviews.

8. Data processing and analysis: Processing and analyzing marketing information to produce data easily digestible format is repetitive and takes a lot of time. RPA bots can easily do the above task through OCR tools that translate scanned documents and images into an editable format. 

 Such data input and report creation process done manually is time-consuming and can have mistakes. Hence, using RPA can free up the staff's time to focus on revenue-generating marketing activities and enhance customer satisfaction. 

For example, medium-sized consulting business management needed the management report for a board meeting; the RPA bot collects the data. It creates the report in real-time without any human intervention, including relevant graphs and charts.

9. Managing leads and segmentation: Marketing automation can improve customer service as bots execute numerous functions in the customer funnel. Such tasks include managing leads, segmenting leads, and processing various queries where responses get customized for different customer interactions stages. For example, a customer asking a question about a particular product can be given an instant relevant response by a programmed bot leading to higher satisfaction.

10. Intelligence reporting and tracking: MSPs can track new entrants, competitor messaging, and many more by RPA bots. The insights offered are in-depth, accurate, and provided in real-time, enabling sales representatives to conduct outreach activities at the right moment. For example, if a client is near the end date of their subscription, ElectroNeek'sElectroNeek's RPA bot notifies representatives in real-time and can follow up to get them to renew. Manually processing too much data is not humanly possible without errors making RPA a brilliant solution to add value.


The above information shows that marketing automation for MSPs is very beneficial in saving time and money while increasing productivity and profits. The benefits of RPA are enormous and ready to be implemented without a heavy investment only with ElectroNeek.

ElectroNeek remains one of the top RPA vendors out there with an integrated platform, numerous types of high-end bots, and the best support team that can ensure your specific automation needs get met without a hitch.

Thinking of your clients’ automation needs? Schedule an informational session with ElectroNeek for expert advice on beginning your marketing automation journey today.

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