Pattern Group implemented ElectroNeek
to boost lead generation


A Pattern Group sales team implemented an ElectroNeek bot that helped them save more than 40 FTE hours weekly in lead generation processing. Increased SDR capacity led to a growth in annual revenue to $1M.


The Pattern Group, a team of experienced business management consultants, uses the latest technology to provide the best software engineering solutions for the current market. They address the inherent challenges that corporations of all sizes face, introducing new services and solutions and improving existing services.

The Pattern Group provides a variety of consulting services, including helping clients form business and digital strategies, developing and launching products, and managing sales operations.


The Pattern Group Sales Department had been spending up to two hours collecting prospects’ data daily. The team was charged with conducting a manual search across multiple websites and social media networks, executing email spam checks, uploading relevant contacts into the CRM, and creating and sending marketing newsletters.

Up to $1M of annual revenue growth as a result of increased SDR capacity

An ElectroNeek bot processed the list of companies and found decision-makers according to the parameters specified in LinkedIn. The bot verified email addresses in Scrapp and launched newsletters with customized variables (content, date, time, etc.).

Benefits of automation:

Acceleration of contact list enrichment allowed the Sales Department to generate up to 20% more leads


Sales Development Representative (SDR) team members saved 40+ FTE hours weekly


$1M in annual revenue growth as a result of increased SDR capacity


More accurate outreach, informed by data, increased the Pattern Group’s number of new customers and partners. Automated newsletter chains helped the company retain prospects and move them forward within the sales funnel. The automated process also saved employees a significant amount of working hours.


The Pattern Group plans to implement ElectroNeek bots not only in customer outreach but in other business areas.

💼 Company
  • Pattern Group
📒 Industry
  • Consulting
🌏 Headquarters
  • New York, USA
🤖 Bots
  • Lead generation
  • Web scrapping
💡 Features
  • Spreadsheets automation
  • Browser automation
🚀 Automated software
  • Scrapp
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft
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