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Pattern Group uses ElectroNeek to get more leads

About Pattern Group

Pattern Group is created to address the inherent challenges that corporations of all sizes face while bringing a new service or solution to market or improving existing ones.


The consulting firm’s sales department spends up to 2 hours a day collecting information about potential customers. The team manually searches and checks emails for spam, downloads contacts to the CRM system and creates informational newsletters.

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Automated process

A custom robot was built for this workflow. A robot processes the list of companies and finds decision-makers according to the specified parameters in LinkedIn. The robot verifies email addresses in Scrapp and launches newsletters with adjustable parameters (content, date, time, etc.).


40+ hours/week automation gains across the team

Up to $1M of annual projected additions to revenue from increased sales development reps (SDR) capacity

Achievements and future plans

More data-informed and accurate outreach brought a lot of new customers and partners to the Pattern Group. The automatic newsletter helps to keep potential clients interested and move them further in the funnel. The automated process also saves a lot of employees’ working hours, which allows them to focus on analytical tasks. When the ElectroNeek robot is not used for customer outreach, it is implemented in other business processes.

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