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Agriculture leader used ElectroNeek to streamline seasonal employees' onboarding 

Discover how an agricultural leader transformed its employee onboarding process using ElectroNeek’s cutting-edge automation solutions. The company achieved a 45% reduction in onboarding time, leading to significant cost savings, heightened efficiency, and increased employee satisfaction.

Industry iconIndustry:Agriculture
Company size iconCompany size:300 workers
Location by region iconLocation by region:California, USA
Department iconDepartment:HR

Challenges Faced

The agricultural company grappled with numerous challenges during their onboarding phase. Relying heavily on manual data entry, they faced time-consuming processes susceptible to mistakes. Such methods didn’t just deplete precious time but also posed risks of inaccuracies. The collection of vital documents, including passport scans, became a logistical hurdle, leading to both delays and occasional document losses. In addition, the enterprise had to juggle multiple software platforms – Microsoft Active Directory, an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), Docusign and Vanta. Synchronizing these diverse systems became a cumbersome chore, often demanding manual oversight, which further disrupted the seamless flow of information, negatively impacting overall operations and onboarding proficiency.

ElectroNeek Products Used

Studio Pro Workflow Generator
Studio Pro Workflow Generator

Simplifies workflow creation through natural language descriptions


Simplifies Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) for various document types.

Orchestrator SaaS
Orchestrator SaaS

Streamlines automation management, introduces automation scheduling, and enables remote execution.

The Path to Success

What the Customer Did with ElectroNeek’s Platform

The client developed automation solutions using ElectroNeek Studio Pro, which included reducing manual data entry and optimizing critical functions. By harnessing the integrated AI features, the client effectively designed and oversaw bots, leading to substantial improvements in both speed and precision.

At the same time, the client created streams for the meticulous extraction of data from diverse document types. They adopted highly accurate Intelligent Document Processing, allowing them to significantly enhance their data extraction capabilities and streamline document-related tasks.

Also, the client adeptly managed the concurrent operation of multiple bots through the use of ElectroNeek Bot Runner.

Finally, the company centralized bot management, scheduled automation, and enabled remote execution using ElectroNeek Orchestrator SaaS. This led to improved task accuracy and timeliness, ultimately streamlining the workflow.

High-Level Process Steps

Manual data entry by HR into the system
Data collection from the employee and document upload via provided link
Sending the contract for signing
Creating Google accounts for employees
Sending welcome emails to personal email addresses
Sending welcome emails to corporate email inboxes


45%Reduction in Onboarding Time
70%Increase in Data Entry Accuracy
30%Workforce Expansion Without HR Increase

Achieved Results

Streamlined Onboarding and Enhanced Efficiency

The onboarding process was transformed, simplifying procedures, and significantly reducing the time required. 
This not only saved valuable resources but also facilitated a smoother experience for new team members.

Improved Data Accuracy and Compliance

The implementation of automation led to a remarkable reduction in errors related to data entry and document handling. This enhancement ensured better regulatory compliance and data accuracy, providing a more reliable foundation for operations.

Increased Scalability and Employee Satisfaction

The organization successfully managed a larger workforce while maintaining operational efficiency, showcasing the adaptability and scalability of ElectroNeek’s solutions. Furthermore, the enhanced onboarding experience contributed to a notable increase in employee satisfaction, promoting a more harmonious and productive work environment.

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