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Process Automation of Data Scraping Achieves ROI for the Automotive Industry

Industry by verticalAutomotive

Type of automationData Scraping

Location by regionNorth America


An automotive company grappling with tedious data scraping leveraged the ElectroNeek RPA platform to automate workflows to skyrocket its productivity and operations.

End Client:
Automotive company
ElectroNeek Partner: Thrive Automation
An IT Service Provider offering Robotic Process Automation solutions to help businesses cut costs, reduce risk, and improve efficiency and performance.


Supporting Automotive Business Growth through Process Automation

From autonomous vehicle technology to innovative electrification of vehicles, the digital transformation of the automotive industry is well underway. 

Automotive startups are now taking a different approach to manufacturing vehicles. Instead of the traditional, complex process with limited flexibility, these companies are creating platforms that are highly configurable to the end-customer's needs. This shift allows customers to drive the process and customize their vehicles based on their individual usage.

However, high costs of new technologies can stand in the way of adoption.

Client Challenges

Finding the Right RPA Solution for Data Scraping

An automotive company was using an alternative RPA platform to execute data scraping from multiple web sources. The customer team applied business logic to that data and stored it in their data lake. 

The company realized that the traditional per-bot licensing model offered by enterprise RPA vendors was not the best solution for its workflows, due to the high costs. As the automotive company began to scale its automation, the per-bot licensing model made the solution too costly.

Path to Success

ElectroNeek’s RPA Platform Helps Achieve Increased ROI

Thrive Automation delivered a competitive solution with ElectroNeek that easily replaced the original vendor’s bots.

The ability to develop an alternative and significantly more cost-effective solution utilizing ElectroNeek motivated the Thrive Automation team to further expand their Center of Excellence capabilities around ElectroNeek’s platform.


Data Scraping Supports Business Growth and Increases Efficiency

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Accounting for the costs for licensing, re-platforming, testing and redeploying bots with ElectroNeek; the client achieved a one-year ROI of 570%, which resulted in a two-month payback.

In addition to the increased ROI, the automation increased efficiency, cut down on errors, and resulted in higher accuracy of data to support strategic business decisions. 

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