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Enhancing IT Support Efficiency in Small Business with AI

This case study delves into utilizing AI in a small company that relies on outsourced IT support due to its size. Faced with limited IT resources, the company implemented an AI-driven solution to streamline its support process, particularly focusing on identifying and prioritizing urgent requests.

Industry iconIndustry:Manufacturing and Distribution
Company size iconCompany size:Small, with 40 employees
Location by region iconLocation by region:Columbus, Ohio, USA
Industry iconIndustry:IT Support

Challenges Faced

In this small company, the absence of a dedicated IT team posed significant hurdles. With outsourced IT support available only two hours a day, the company struggled to promptly address urgent IT issues. This setup led to potential delays in resolving critical problems, impacting the company’s operational flow. The challenge was clear: finding a solution to swiftly identify and manage urgent IT concerns without a constant IT presence. This prompted the exploration of innovative approaches, ultimately leading to the adoption of Electroneek’s AI-driven solution.

ElectroNeek Products Used

Orchestrator SaaS
Orchestrator SaaS

Streamlines automation management, introduces automation scheduling, and enables remote execution.


IntegraBots is an intelligent automation solution that connects with an array of systems, applications, and data sources.

Easley AI
Easley AI

Easley AI utilizes advanced technology. It facilitates the creation of automation workflows by using straightforward language.

The Path to Success

What the Customer Did with ElectroNeek’s Platform

In this scenario, IntegraBots plays a crucial role with its seamless integration both to the email system and Trello. This dual integration ensures a smooth flow from receiving email requests to efficiently organizing tasks within Trello. Complementing this, Easley AI simplifies the identification of urgent tasks using its user-friendly approach, while Orchestrator SaaS simplifies automation management and provides remote task execution capabilities.

High-Level Process Steps

An email request lands at the dedicated IT support email address
The system efficiently organizes tasks from the email into Trello
The AI quickly assesses if immediate attention is needed. In urgent cases, it promptly notifies the IT person through an SMS for a speedy resolution

Achieved Results

60%Reduction in Downtime
40%Increase in task prioritization accuracy
30%Improvement in first response time for priority tasks


Reduction in Downtime

Experienced a significant reduction in downtime, a testament to the robustness of our operational processes and the effectiveness of implemented enhancements. This reduction not only optimizes resource utilization but also fortifies overall system reliability.

Precision in Task Prioritization

Witnessed a remarkable increase in task prioritization accuracy, driven by advanced algorithms and refined processes. This heightened precision ensures that tasks are systematically addressed, contributing to a more efficient and targeted workflow.

Improvement in first response time

Embarked on a transformative journey with a substantial improvement in first response time for priority tasks. This achievement signifies a proactive approach to handling critical issues promptly, thereby elevating the overall responsiveness and effectiveness of our task management system.

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