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Process Automation Solves Workforce Efficiency of Data Capture Projects

Industry by verticalBlockchain

Type of automationWeb Data Capture

Location by regionNorth America


A Blockchain company scales its data capture operations using ElectroNeek’s process automation platform, reducing the time spent on the task by 60%.

End Client:
Blockchain company
ElectroNeek Partner: Thrive Automation

An IT Service Provider offering Robotic Process Automation solutions to help businesses cut costs, reduce risk, and improve efficiency and performance.


Supporting Blockchain Business Growth through Process Automation

The blockchain technology market is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years. In 2022, the market was valued at USD 10.02 billion and is projected to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 87.7% from 2023 to 2030. This growth is likely due to the increasing venture capital investments in blockchain technology companies.

Blockchain technology has demonstrated its ability to improve scalability and transparency in existing validation processes. As more businesses look to adopt RPA, the opportunity to connect RPA with blockchain and data migration technologies is vast.

Client Challenges

Manual Data Capture Drains Resources

As more businesses look to adopt RPA, the opportunity to connect RPA with blockchain and data migration technologies is vast.

The traditional per-bot licensing model offered by enterprise RPA vendors makes automation unaffordable to small and medium-sized clients (SMBs).

A client in the blockchain industry needed to capture web data from multiple websites and organize it so they could make strategic business decisions. 

However, the high costs presented by enterprise vendors made RPA and scaling automation out of reach for the company.

Path to Success

Streamlined Website Data Capture with ElectroNeek’s Platform

By collaborating with ElectroNeek, Thrive Automation developed creative automation solutions for its Blockchain clients with a subscription-based licensing model that enables them to afford automation.

ElectroNeek's automation ecosystem offered flexible web data capture capabilities, particularly the bot interactions that could be developed for browser-based applications. 

Thrive automated this overwhelmingly manual process that took more than 150 employees to perform.


Easily Repeatable Global Web Data Capture Supports Business Growth

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With ElectroNeek, Thrive Automation digitized the process, resulting in the reduced need for human labor by 60%. The employees that used to focus on the web data capture tasks were free to focus on more value-add tasks for the blockchain company.

Now, the company could leverage the gathered data to focus on growing and scaling its operations.

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