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Streamlining Customer Support with First Line AI

Discover how a leading company simplified its external customer support operations using First Line AI. This innovative approach not only reduced response times but also enhanced the accuracy of task assignments, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Industry iconIndustry:Technology and Software Solutions
Company size iconCompany size:Large, with 10 000 employees
Location by region iconLocation by region:Silicon Valley, USA
Department iconDepartment:Customer Support

Challenges Faced

The challenges were multifaceted, stemming from the overwhelming volume of requests. This led to delays in response times, creating a bottleneck that affected overall customer satisfaction. Manual task assignment proved cumbersome, exacerbating the risk of misallocation and further hindering swift issue resolution. These challenges collectively contributed to a decline in customer satisfaction levels, highlighting the critical need for an innovative solution.

ElectroNeek Products Used

Orchestrator SaaS
Orchestrator SaaS

Streamlines automation management, introduces automation scheduling, and enables remote execution.

Studio Pro Ask AI
Studio Pro Ask AI

Ask AI is activity that you can use to easily interact with OpenAI Artificial Intelligence by asking questions in natural language.


IntegraBots is an intelligent automation solution that connects with an array of systems, applications, and data sources.

The Path to Success

What the Customer Did with ElectroNeek’s Platform

Serving as a digital gatekeeper, IntegraBots efficiently extracted tasks from designated emails, employing advanced NLP algorithms. These tasks are efficiently incorporated into the company’s Service Desk solution through IntegraBots.

The client transformed their support workflow by leveraging Electroneek’s Easley AI functionalities. Ask AI excelled in categorization, understanding context, and intent for intelligent sorting of requests related to sales, finance, or IT. This paved the way for automated assignment, optimizing resource allocation.

High-Level Process Steps

AI-driven comprehension of service desk requests through email analysis.
Decomposition of requests to concrete tasks.
Creation and proper categorization of tasks in the Service Desk solution, followed by assignment to the responsible parties.

Achieved Results

15%Reduction in resolution time due to precise responsible assignment and effective task decomposition.
25%Categorization accuracy
20%Increase of overall customer satisfaction


Reduction in Resolution Time

Electroneek’s AI, through effective task decomposition, significantly reduced the time taken to address and resolve support issues. By breaking down complex requests into concrete tasks, the system optimized workflows, leading to quicker response times and overall efficiency in issue resolution.

Precision in Task Allocation

Electroneek’s AI significantly enhanced the accuracy of task categorization and assignment. This precision ensured that each task reached the most qualified individuals or teams, minimizing the chances of misallocation and optimizing resource utilization.

Improvement in Customer Satisfaction

Customers experienced faster solutions to their problems as the AI-driven system streamlined the identification and resolution of issues, resulting in a more responsive support ecosystem.

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