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How to automate web parsing: Chrome + MS Excel

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Data parsing is a popular practice of extracting relevant information from different web pages used by various of specialists, including marketers, who use valuable data for market analysis and strategic planning. It can be done manually, but automated tools allow to scrape web data faster, error-free and even save money to the company.

There are countless other reasons to scrape website data:

  • Scraping product data from sites like eBay or Amazon for competitor analysis
  • Scraping data from YellowPages to generate leads
  • Scraping data from a store locator to create a list of business locations
  • Scraping product details for comparison shopping
  • Scraping site data before a website migration
  • Scraping financial data for market research, etc.

Today we'd like to highlight web scraping using keywords and final MS Excel spreadsheet because it is one of the most common web parsing processes that we see in the market. ElectroNeek RPA searches for the relevant information, automatically copies it into the spreadsheet and creates different list for each search query to efficiently use information in the future.

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If you want to learn more about the automation of this exact process - сheck out this article with step-by-step guide on how to scrape website data using ElectroNeek.

If you are ready to analyze which process in your workflow should be automated first, reach out to our automation expert for personalized session.

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