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RPA 101: What is Data Capture?

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Data Capture is a process of extracting data from documents of all types and digitizing it.

The corporate systems used are usually finance, ERP, and CRM applications. Optical character recognition (OCR) can also be a component of data capture involving the extraction of text from scanned or digital documents (invoices, reports, contracts, etc.,) and the conversion of the results into data for editing and processing.

An extensive amount of structured data systems do not supply ‘data capture’ functionality, let alone have the capability to support all of the methods of capture that are required to carry the full range of business requirements. This is where ElectroNeek can help.

What are the benefits of Data Capture?

  • It improves a business’s efficiency. You can process data faster, and data becomes accessible sooner. 
  • It helps to provide better customer service. Performing excellent service is more apparent when your information is accurate.
  • It’s easier to cross-reference information in the database. 
  • It allows you to perform data analysis to discover patterns.
  • It increases Security and Storage. Digitized data is more secure and more manageable to store than paper documents.
  • It reduces mistakes and improves accuracy. Nobody is secured from errors created by ‘human factor.’ With an automated process, you can reduce the number of errors during the capture stage. Indexing information is easy, as well.
  • Leave Paper Behind. If you’re still using paper documents and manual keying, it’s time to make a change. There are so many better ways to capture the information you need for your business.

To learn more about the data capture and other typical tasks that people from all departments have to deal with and how to automate these processes, reach out to our automation experts and learn where to start your automation journey.

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