‘RPA 101’: What is RPA in loan origination?

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    Loan origination is one of the most important steps in Commercial Lending, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is here to ease it for both lender and borrower.

    Commercial lending is one of paper-based and process-intensive businesses that has lots of people involved in one workflow: origination teams find the deal, underwriting teams deal with the numbers, credit teams opining on probability of default, legal teams working on loan documents and, finally, operations teams undertaking the monthly servicing of the loans for a period of anywhere from one to ten (or more) years.

    Where RPA can be used in loan origination process?

    ElectroNeek in Banking infographic

    Benefits of using RPA in loan origination process

    To learn more about the use of RPA in banking operations, reach out to our automation experts.