‘RPA 101’: What is SDR bot?

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    Sales development representative (SDR) today accelerates the sale by providing prospects with value early on. Thanks to automation technology like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots, sales teams can automate many of the tasks that used to be manual and repetitive.

    Nowadays, SDR bots can collect information from leads and answer basic product questions in the middle of the night while sales team is sleeping soundly at home. It frees up their time when they’re awake to focus on higher impact work further down the funnel.

    ElectroNeek SDR bot workflow:

    1. Read spreadsheet with companies
    2. Create decision-makers list
    3. Check emails in Scrapp
    4. Save contacts in the spreadsheet.
      The initial process is finished. Next steps.

    Benefits from ElectroNeek SDR

    To learn more about the use of SDR bots, reach out to our automation experts.