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RPA 101: What is Data Entry?

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Data Entry is a set different types of data insertion processes. Data entry automation provides opportunity to optimize these processes by delegating them to programmed robots which perform simple, rule-based tasks faster and more accurately than humans.

How automated Data Entry works?

Thoroughly automated data entry systems can recognize data from a set of various sources such as printed reports, PDFs, emails, and online forms. After that, these systems enter the data into more adapted data storage, like databases or spreadsheets.

The main idea of data entry automation software is to streamline a data flow that is usually performed by an employee who usually enters data manually, by fully or partially automating the process.

Data Entry automation saves time and money to the enterprise

The most notable outcome of the automated data entry process is the reduction of time spent on typical data entry tasks.

How to check an effectiveness of automated data entry?

  • Measure the time spent on a single data entry process right now
  • Envision the number of tasks that can be done instead.

When you multiply resulted numbers with average weekly or monthly task volume, you get an approximate picture of the time savings given by automation. It provides a concept of budget required to set up an automated system which is considerably smaller than other vendors would need.

Want to learn more about data entry and other typical tasks automation? Reach out to our automation expert and get personalized recommendations on where to start.

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