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What Is Intelligent Automation? How Can You Take Benefit From It

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Nowadays, everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence and how it will replace humans, right? But there is something more advanced than Artificial intelligence sounds interesting, right? Do you know what it is? It is Intelligence Automation. 

Intelligent Automation 

Intelligent Automation is the combination of Artificial Intelligence and robotic process automation. To simplify it, AI comprises various technologies enabling computers to imitate human intelligence. On the other hand, RPA is a particular kind of AI that utilizes software robots to execute monotonous tasks automatically.

You might now wonder why in the world we need intelligent automation when there is already work going on Artificial Intelligence. Let us make it simple and inform you what benefits you can get with Intelligent Automation! 

Benefits of Intelligent Automation 

Allow us to provide some fun statistics before. A recent study by Ghobakhloo et al. (2023) found that using formal and informal CSR strategies has enhanced enterprises' financial and ecological efficiency, with Intelligent Automation (IA) proving to be a pragmatic technological solution. Industry specialists predict that many corporate executives are presently adopting or exploring IA deployment in some form.

So if you want to succeed in today's competitive market, you have only one option except to implement IA in your company. Nonetheless, other benefits include increased efficiency as IA can mechanize tasks requiring manual intervention, liberating human personnel to concentrate on more crucial strategic tasks. Moreover, it can help you reduce costs, improve accuracy, increase agility, and enhance customer experience. 

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Another Mind-Blowing Benefit: Digital Document Processing 

You may have asked your employees, or your employer has asked you to type a lengthy document that would be in PDF, JPG or any Image format. It is indeed long, tedious, and time-consuming work! Well, with Intelligent automation, you can say GOODBYE to this tiring errand. Digital Document Processing is a type of intelligent automation tool that can convert these images into text format in a few seconds. 

Digital Document Processing is not just limited to extracting data! 

It can check invoices, passports, and employee cards, extract information, and, most interestingly, it can bypass those sticky CAPTCHA codes that waste a lot of our time. 

As per the recent reports, the accuracy of Digital Document Processing is 98-99%. If 100 words are written, then 98-99 of them will be correctly extracted, and obviously, as every device has some lacking, there is a chance of a 1% error, but it is bearable, right? So undoubtedly, science and technology are advancing daily, and soon, these machines/robots will assist us in hundreds of our tasks. 

Wrapping Up! 

Artificial Intelligence has already blown our minds, and now we are seeing advancement in the name of AI. Intelligence Automation and Digital Document Processing are already implemented in numerous places. Industry leaders are already taking advantage as it is showing 98-99% accuracy, and obviously, it has increased the productivity and efficiency of their companies. So, if you are looking to become an industry leader then implementing new technologies is a must. 

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