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Botget Generates Automated Workflows for the Construction Industry

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Latin America


Botget was founded in 2022 with the goal of making automation work for the Latin American market.

Botget enables underserved businesses to reduce manual errors and benefit from efficiency savings.

They help construction businesses improve operational efficiency with their projects by eliminating the time spent on material verification and invoice submission.


Leveraged ElectroNeek’s Platform to Provide Free Trials

Botget delivered many proof of concepts and started to gain traction with prospects by offering free trials through ElectroNeek's platform.

Botget worked with a construction company where they manually searched government websites to verify materials, organized the information into spreadsheets, created invoices, and submitted them to various government websites.

By leveraging the new free trial proof-of-concept offer, Botget showed the construction company how to automate their material-to-budget alignment process within the cost structure. The new automated workflow proved to be more accurate and efficient, helping them go after new government contracts more confidently.


Evolving Business Processes for Traditionally-manual Industries

Botget is evolving the business processes for its construction clients by introducing the benefits of RPA to a traditionally manual-process-based industry.

Client benefits include: streamlined employee tasks and workflows which reduces labor costs, and improved invoice management which eliminates the time spent on fixing data entry errors.

Demonstrating value-based proof of concepts with automation solutions helps Botget win new clients.

ElectroNeek is revolutionary for IT Services that want to serve the SMB market because they are the only platform that offers unlimited bots without licensing fees.”
Javier Villa
Co-Founder of Botget
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