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Thrive Automation Solves Workforce Efficiency 
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Thrive Automation’s mission is to help clients unlock the full potential of their employees by optimizing business processes.

As more businesses look to adopt RPA, Thrive Automation saw an opportunity to connect RPA with other growing popular technologies (like blockchain and data migration).

Thrive Automation offers RPA solutions to a broad audience, including the SMB market.

Thrive’s team quickly realized that the traditional per-bot licensing model offered by enterprise RPA vendors made automation unaffordable to small and medium-sized clients (SMBs).


Easily Repeatable Global Web Data Capture

By collaborating with ElectroNeek, Thrive Automation develops creative automation solutions for SMB clients through a subscription-based licensing model that enables them to afford automation.

One client needed to capture web data from multiple websites and organize it so they could make business decisions. Thrive automated this overwhelmingly manual process that took more than 150 employees to perform.


Proven Results Deliver Rapid Growth through Customer Success

With ElectroNeek, Thrive Automation digitized the process, creating a scalable, digital workforce. What would have taken 150 employees was automated significantly and reduced human labor by 60%.

Now, the company could leverage the gathered data to focus on growing and scaling its operations.

When looking at RPA vendors, the potential scalability of ElectroNeek solutions is unparalleled. The flexible commercial models have allowed us to offer creative & infinitely scalable solutions to a wider range of clients."
Haadi LadhaHead of Development
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