Thrive Automation MSP implemented ElectroNeek bots and accelerated the customer
delisting process by 14 person-hours per week

💼 Company

  • Thrive Automation

📒 Industry

  • RPA Service Provider

🌏 Headquarters

  • Ontario, Canada

🤖 Bots

  • Email management
  • Data management
  • CRM automation

💡 Features

  • Email automation
  • Shopify automation

🚀 Automated software

  • Gmail
  • Shopify


Thrive Automation developed and deployed ElectroNeek bots for one of its e-commerce clothing-line based customers. Utilizing ElectroNeek automation products, Thrive Automation developed a solution that accelerated the customer delisting process by 14 person-hours per week. This bot is a great example where smaller to medium-sized customers can take advantage of RPA and recognize significant ROI, where once the technology was perceived as enterprise-centric and cost-prohibitive.

Managed Service Provider

Thrive Automation is an RPA Managed Service Provider based in Ontario, Canada. Their key mission is helping businesses to achieve the full potential of their employees by maximizing corporate, environmental, and social outcomes, irrespective of their size and scale.

As a Managed Service Provider, Thrive Automation offers the following services to their customers:

  • Automation readiness audit
  • Developing automation roadmap
  • Building automation pilot
  • Automation center of excellence
  • Thrive Care: custom training and education packages

Customer challenges

The customer’s e-commerce platform specializes in selling second-hand clothing that are listed on multiple online platforms concurrently. When an item is sold, there is a manual process where team members have to remove the item from all the other online platforms. With a high volume sales process, the challenge was delisting each item efficiently and effectively, a process which was overwhelming from a manual process perspective.

ElectroNeek digital workforce in action

Thrive Automation automated the delisting process for the customer. The automation flow includes setting up email triggers, automating web-based activities in Chrome, and interactions with platforms, such as Shopify.

Prior to automation, the company team members were spending one to two hours each per day just removing these listings. Deployment of this automation process has saved the company 14 person-hours per week.

Thrive Automation: One of the biggest benefits of ElectroNeek is that their licensing costs are a lot better than those of some big players within the industry. ElectroNeek has allowed us to target small to medium-sized clients because such companies can't afford the traditional expensive tools.

ElectroNeek RPA: Thrive Automation experience

Licensing and Costs

Joe Pierce, Senior Sales Manager at Thrive Automation:

Most small and medium-sized businesses are too small to pay for traditional RPA tools. One of the benefits of ElectroNeek is that their licensing model fits better than those of big players within the industry. So, ElectroNeek has allowed us to deliver creative solutions to small & medium-sized clients because such companies can afford ElectroNeek’s advanced capabilities.

Another advantage of ElectroNeek is their responsive support team. You cannot find a lot of specific information online, and the ElectroNeek support team is great at helping you whenever you have those kinds of questions that arise.

Technology aspect

Haadi Ladha, Head of Development at Thrive Automation:

It’s been a great experience working with ElectroNeek. We work with each of the leading automation platforms. It’s worth saying that having ElectroNeek in such use cases as the one described above is the perfect fit.

The web-based portion of the automation and all the interactions with browsers have been working perfectly, very smoothly. They work every time. Even a couple of errors we have faced within the automation were easily solved by the ElectroNeek team.

Some of the feedback we’ve received from our development team is about the ease of use for SMB use-cases, which has an easier learning curve as compared to other tools. Apart from that, the platform performs very well for simpler use cases.


The Thrive Automation management team is planning on expanding and conducting more work using the ElectroNeek platform. They are currently expanding their ElectroNeek practice and ElectroNeek specific service offerings.

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