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Thrive Automation Deploys ElectroNeek Bots for E-commerce Client

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Thrive Automation’s mission is to help clients unlock the full potential of their employees by optimizing business processes.

Thrive Automation offers RPA solutions to a broad audience, including the SMB market.

Thrive Automation's client is an e-commerce platform that specializes in selling second-hand clothing listed on multiple online platforms concurrently. When an item sells, team members have to remove the item from all the other online platforms manually.

With such a high-volume of sales, delisting each item efficiently and effectively was a significant challenge.


Streamlined E-commerce Delisting with ElectroNeek’s Platform

Company team members used to spend one to two hours removing these listings daily.

Thrive Automation automated the delisting process for the customer. The automation flow includes setting up email triggers, automating web-based activities in Chrome, and interactions with platforms such as Shopify.

Deployment of this automation process saved the company 14 person-hours per week.


Automated Workflows Deliver Operational Efficiency

This bot is an excellent example of how SMB customers can take advantage of RPA and recognize significant ROI.

As a result, the e-commerce company was able to save time and resources so employees could focus on more valuable tasks and improve the customer experience.

The company leverages this improved operational efficiency to drive company growth and scale its operations.

One of the biggest benefits of ElectroNeek is that their licensing costs are much more competitive than some big players within the industry. ElectroNeek has allowed us to target small to medium-sized clients because such companies can’t afford the expensive tools.”
Haadi LadhaHead of Development
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