Thrive Automation replaced an incumbent automation process with ElectroNeek bots which resulted in a return on investment cost savings of 570% for the end customer

💼 Company

  • Thrive Automation

📒 Industry

  • RPA Service Provider

🌏 Headquarters

  • Ontario, Canada

🤖 Bots

  • Data Capture
  • Data Processing
  • Data Management

💡 Features

  • Web scraping
  • Chrome automation
  • MSSQL & Big Query
  • Excel integration


Thrive Automation and its customer, a technology company within the automotive sales industry, transitioned an automated process from one of the largest RPA vendors to an equivalent from ElectroNeek. This transition enabled them to cost-effectively scale the customer’s automation process.

Managed Service Provider

Thrive Automation is an RPA Managed Service Provider based in Ontario, Canada. Their key mission is helping businesses to achieve the full potential of their employees by maximizing corporate, environmental, and social outcomes, irrespective of their size and scale.

As a Managed Service Provider, Thrive Automation offers the following services to their customers:

  • Automation readiness audit.
  • Developing automation roadmap.
  • Building automation pilot.
  • Automation center of excellence.
  • Thrive Care: custom training and education packages.

Customer challenges

To execute data scraping from multiple web sources, the customer was using a costly platform provided by one of the largest RPA vendors (referred to as ‘Vendor A’). Once the scraping was executed the customer team was applying business logic to that data and storing it in their data lake. When the customer decided to start scaling this automation process, the per-bot licensing model offered by Vendor A made the solution economically infeasible.

Comparing ElectroNeek and ‘Vendor A’

The calculation within the cost model for Thrive Automation’s customer looks like this:

After minor performance tuning, the ElectroNeek bot run time was still slightly longer than the Vendor A bot. This meant in order to meet the customers workload demand, 41 Vendor A bots were needed vs 52 ElectroNeek bots. After including costs for licensing, re-platforming, testing & re-deploying the bot using ElectroNeek the client achieved a 1-year ROI of 570% & a ~2 month payback.

ElectroNeek RPA: Thrive Automation experience

The ability to develop an alternative and significantly cost-effective solution utilizing the ElectroNeek products has motivated the Thrive Automation team to further expand their Center of Excellence capabilities upon the ElectroNeek platform. This further enhances the Thrive Automation development and support solution offerings across an expansive list of business verticals.

ElectroNeek’s licensing model, which differs from a more traditional per-bot model, has allowed us to offer creative & scalable solutions to a wider range of clients. With ElectroNeek we are a step closer to achieving our vision where all businesses can achieve the full potential of their people, by maximizing corporate, environmental, and social outcomes, even if they are small and mid-sized businesses.

Joe Pierce,

Senior Sales Manager at Thrive Automation

We implemented ElectroNeek to optimize on UiPath licensing costs. Though the UiPath platform fully addressed our automation needs, when it came to scaling, their licensing cost and price were on the higher side. We decided to switch to ElectroNeek and won with the first process. The transition helped us achieve a 1-year ROI of 570% and a 2-month payback, and the transition process itself was smooth and fast. I would say that ElectroNeek’s model with no RPA bot licenses is a perfect fit for our company, as it allows for limitless scalability at manageable costs.

The end-customer review on ElectroNeek

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