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Thrive Automation Implements ElectroNeek Bots for Automotive Sales

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Thrive Automation’s mission is to help clients unlock the full potential of their employees by optimizing business processes.

Thrive Automation offers RPA solutions to a broad audience, including the SMB market.

One client was using a costly platform to execute data scraping from multiple web sources. The customer team applied business logic to that data and stored it in their data lake. When the customer started scaling this automation process, the current per-bot licensing model made the solution too costly.


ElectroNeek’s Platform Saved Automotive Sales Client 570%

Thrive Automation delivered a competitive solution with ElectroNeek that easily replaced the original vendor’s bots.

Accounting for the costs for licensing, re-platforming, testing and redeploying bots with ElectroNeek; the client achieved a one-year ROI of 570%, which resulted in a two-month payback.


Proven Results Deliver Rapid Growth through Customer Success

The ability to develop an alternative and significantly more cost-effective solution utilizing ElectroNeek motivated the Thrive Automation team to further expand their Center of Excellence capabilities around ElectroNeek’s platform.

ElectroNeek's solutions additionally enhance the Thrive Automation development and support solution offerings across an expansive list of business verticals.

ElectroNeek’s licensing model, which differs from the traditional per-bot model, enabled us to offer scalable solutions to more clients. Now, we are closer to achieving our vision where all businesses can achieve the full potential of their people by maximizing corporate, environmental, and social outcomes.”
Haadi Ladha Head of Development
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