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Archived program, not available for new users now.

Service and Payment terms

Services and Support


  • ElectroNeek Resell Program Account
  • Bot Library Cases (no download)
  • Campus - Sales/Marketing Online Training
  • Wiki - Sales/Marketing Collateral
  • License/Pricing Guidance
  • Resell request form


  • Dedicated Program Manager Support
  • Sales support
  • Certification Program
  • ElectroNeek Community Forum
  • Documentation

Resell Program Access terms

Start date

  • ElectroNeek Resell Account access will be activated only after receiving an ElectroNeek's bank account Resell Account Fee from RESELLER

Payment terms

  • 100% Prepayment

Payment options

  • By Credit/Debit card

Renewal terms

  • Not renewed/monthly subscription


Commission to RESELLERS

ElectroNeek takes charge of overseeing the sale to end users once a prospect has been submitted to our team. Resellers, on the other hand, will receive commissions in alignment with the designated sales process. The Program Manager will provide detailed information on the license values, taking into account the current price list and product requirements.

The commission will be paid by ElectroNeek not later than the last business day of the month following the month when the License Fee, paid by the End User, is received on ElectroNeek's bank account.

Pricing for end users

  • In accordance with the current Pricing Policy

Default: The Resell Program is a monthly subscription, without annual commitment.


  1. After 1st payment, Resell Account is created
  2. Resell prospects are registered inside the product
  3. The program Manager meets with the prospect (and reseller, optionally), builds the business case for implementation, and develops an implementation strategy
  4. Development options:
    1. The prospect does the development
    2. The reseller does the development
    3. 3rd party does the development
  5. Product configuration is proposed by the developer
  6. The deal closed, resell commission paid