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ElectroNeek Plans Description

Version: 4.0
Date: 6/6/2023

Platform Plans

Plans for Managed Service Providers/IT Service Providers/System Integrators

For Managed Service Providers/IT Service Providers/System Integrators ElectroNeek offers tailored plans - Starter, Team, Business, and Enterprise.

Plan FeaturesStarterTeamBusinessEnterprise
Platform user included111Custom
Bot Library
Business Hub with Wiki and Campus
Bot launches from Studio(s), included, per month4008001200Custom
Saving executable bots to run from Bot Runner800No LimitNo Limit
Access to Orchestrator
Bot launches from Orchestrator, included, per month5025010000Custom
Reseller program fee waiver-Custom
Role-based Access and Permissions--
Standard SLAStarterStandardStandardCustom

Plans for Businesses (End-Users with IT teams)

For Businesses (End-Users with IT teams) ElectroNeek offers tailored plans - Yellow, Green, Platinum, and Enterprise.

Plan FeaturesYellowGreenPlatinumEnterprise
Platform user included111Custom
Bot LibraryCustom
Bot launches from Studio(s), included, per month3008001200Custom
Saving executable bots to run from Bot RunnerCustom
Bot launches from Bot Runner(s)600No LimitNo LimitCustom
Access to OrchestratorCustom
Bot launches from Orchestrator, included, per month250100010000Custom
Role-based Access and Permissions--Custom
Standard SLAStarterStandardStandardCustom

Platform Add-ons

Please note that with any of our plans, you have the option to purchase additional Add-ons. It is important to ensure that any Add-ons you purchase are properly reflected in your License Order.

Bot ProtectionGrants the ability to encrypt NEEX files when exporting them. This prevents anyone who has the NEEX file from extracting the Bot and reading its logic.
OCRs PackAllows Studio User to leverage no-code OCR activities in Studio and allows to use the ElectroNeek Token in the Microsoft Cloud OCR and Google Cloud OCR Activities for development/test purposes (limited number of free pages per month)
Anti-captchaGrants you the ability to develop bots that automatically bypass ReCaptcha v2 anti-Bot protection in websites that contain it. The Bot will automatically detect when a website has ReCaptcha v2 and activate this feature, without the need for a specific Activity.
APIAllows usage of the REST API that is built into the SaaS Orchestrator. This API allows you to build your own integrations with the ElectroNeek Platform, with endpoints that allow for launching Workflows remotely with an input payload, managing existing Workflows, managing Bot Runners, and both monitoring and managing Bot Launches.
GPT/AI PackAllows Studio User to leverage the ElectroNeek Ask AI, Edit Text, JS Code Generator and AI Assistant activites, as well as using ElectroNeek OpenAI API token for development/test purposes (limited number of free tokens per month)
Closed RDPAllows Bots to work on the end-user’s machines via RDP (Remote Desktop) even if the session is closed
White LabelingAllows for renaming and rebranding Bot Runner with your own name and brand. When installing Bot Runner to an end-user’s machine, they will not see ElectroNeek’s name, icons and branding, but rather your own.