Pioneer of selling RPA bots by subscription is attacking healthcare automation

Introducing the next-gen RPA platform

For more than 20 years, Trumpet has provided small- and medium-sized businesses, as well as smaller enterprises, with technology solutions designed to help people do their jobs in a simpler manner, with the ultimate goal of helping employees simply enjoy their jobs to the fullest.

As a managed service provider (MSP) based in the United States, Trumpet has years of experience developing custom, automated projects to solve client pain points, such as developing optical character recognition (OCR) tools for legal industry clients. However, each of these projects required proprietary tools developed by Trumpet, which created a high cost of entry for clients seeking these types of solutions.

Ryan Detlaff took over as CEO of Trumpet in the 2010s, pivoting Trumpet towards automation solutions that did not require any proprietary tools.

Trumpet’s search for an affordable and scalable automation solution had begun…

Introducing the next-gen RPA platform

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, Trumpet provides clients with automation solutions designed to improve their jobs.

Robotic process automation (RPA) immediately stood out to Trumpet as a logical step forward in their product offerings. With RPA, Trumpet wouldn’t have to look at automation as a proprietary project each time, allowing the MSP to help clients get to value much quicker with automation projects.

Trumpet found a roadblock to RPA in the form of traditional vendor partnership opportunities. In his search for a suitable RPA partnership, Ryan found that price points from vendors such as UiPath were simply too restrictive, especially at the minimums available.

Since Trumpet clients are typically SMBs or smaller enterprises in healthcare and the legal industries, Ryan found that their clients wanted to try the automation technology first, because it is such a new solution for them. While he could relay the opportunity automated bots could provide, his clients wanted to see returns of investment on their first project to prove the technology, and with vendors like UiPath, that simply wasn’t an option.

With the cost of entry too high with traditional RPA vendors, Ryan and Trumpet turned to innovators in the RPA space to find the right solution. Enter, ElectroNeek.

Ever since becoming CEO of Trumpet, Ryan had developed numerous theories about selling automation to Trumpet’s clients. With Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) becoming increasingly popular in technology spaces, he sought an RPA partner who leveraged subscription-service methodologies, as well as a partner who was interested in Trumpet’s individual success.

He found both of those in ElectroNeek.

Introducing the next-gen RPA platform

Trumpet CEO Ryan Detlaff immediately turned towards automation solutions when he took over as CEO less than a decade ago.

After purchasing ElectroNeek Bronze Partner Tier package, Trumpet not only received all the RPA technical tools required to succeed in the market, but also got access to the joint business initiatives that made ElectroNeek stand out as a unique vendor in the RPA market.

Ryan sought the ability to sell clients RPA solutions on a subscription basis, allowing for a much more attractive upfront cost to using this technology, something that simply wasn’t possible with traditional RPA vendors, and he found the subscription-service methodology working directly with ElectroNeek’s Chief Innovation Officer and partner success team.

Collaborating with ElectroNeek’s business and technical experts, Trumpet was able to put automation into the hands of their customers much quicker. The flexibility of the subscription model allowed Trumpet to start with smaller projects that generate quick wins for the client to immediately see the value of RPA.

As the quick wins piled up, clients then began to discover the true value of RPA and the dozen other potential projects that RPA could solve. These projects were only possible through the subscription pricing offered by the ElectroNeek RPA ecosystem.

Trumpet worked with ElectroNeek to develop a subscription pricing model and strategy to immediately start generating wins for Trumpet’s end clients. Trumpet identified healthcare as an industry primed for digital transformation through automation, and began work with a regional hospital in Arizona.

Introducing the next-gen RPA platform

The Trumpet team leverages ElectroNeek’s RPA ecosystem to bring digital transformation projects to the healthcare industry.

While a healthcare organization such as a local regional hospital may not be the same size of an enterprise, these organizations often have to deal with similar enterprise-related challenges. For example, even the smallest community health center has the same regulatory challenges of the largest hospital in the region — the difference being a significantly smaller budget for technology solutions. The tight budgets of this regional hospital in Arizona meant that an RPA solution through traditional RPA vendors like UiPath was not an option.

By leveraging a subscription-based pricing model through the ElectroNeek RPA ecosystem, Trumpet worked with this regional hospital on a small RPA project to solve a specific pain point and prove the ROI of RPA.

At this regional hospital, one employee was in charge of generating new electronic health records (EHR) each and every day. These EHR reports were published daily to allow the various decision makers around the regional hospital to make the best possible decisions regarding patient care and hospital operations. This one task took up a significant amount of this employee’s time, and was easily solvable with RPA.

With a quick win on the board, Trumpet worked with this employee — who now was free to work on other revenue generating tasks — to discover additional projects that lead to larger revenue generating opportunities.

In the first three months as an ElectroNeek partner, Trumpet…

  • Collaborated alongside ElectroNeek CIO Dmitry Karpov to discover the best subscription pricing model for healthcare clients.
  • Successfully onboarded with ElectroNeek partner success, in addition to Trumpet’s RPA developers earning quick and easy certificates through ElectroNeek’s Online Academy.
  • Provided a local regional hospital with a use case designed to prove the success of RPA and gain a quick win.

In nearly six months as an ElectroNeek partner, Trumpet…

  • Trumpet generated $120K+ ARR (annual recurring revenue) in Bot-as-a-Service subscription model.
  • Achieved a 6x return on investment in the ElectroNeek Bronze partnership tier.
  • Hired one new primary RPA developer, expanding Trumpet’s RPA-specific developer team by 50%.
  • Closed two RPA contracts, with 100% of implementation revenue coming from subscriptions.

Trumpet’s first regional hospital RPA project was made possible through the subscription pricing model allowed through ElectroNeek’s RPA ecosystem. The subscription model allowed Trumpet to start small with this healthcare client, prove the worth of RPA, and then build to large revenue opportunities.

This mentality drives Trumpet’s vision for their RPA future. The subscription model allows the MSP to truly bring RPA solutions to clients that typically are pushed out by the higher cost to entry of traditional RPA vendors.

In ElectroNeek, Trumpet found the very definition of an affordable and scalable RPA solution, as well as a partner that was interested in Trumpet’s success and the ultimate goal of providing Trumpet’s end clients with technology solutions that help them do their jobs to the fullest.

For a smaller partner like us, we could easily find ourselves lost in the larger ponds of traditional RPA vendors like UiPath. ElectroNeek from the very beginning has prioritized our success, collaborating with us to provide business expertise regarding subscription-based pricing models to ultimately bring truly affordable and flexible RPA solutions to our clients.

Ryan Detlaff

CEO, Trumpet