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ElectroNeek Continues to Break the Mold: Doubling Down on Investments for ElectroNeek’s Global Partnership Success Program

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Following a significant year of growth, ElectroNeek is elevating its offerings for managed service providers (MSPs) with the evolution of the ElectroNeek Global Partnership Success Program, hiring of a Head of Partner Success, and renewed investment in industry-leading infrastructure. 

ElectroNeek isn’t simply satisfied with disrupting the RPA market with a unique licensing structure, an ecosystem of innovative RPA solutions, and a focus on collaborating with our partners on both business and technical efforts. We view our Global Partnership Success Program as a main driver of our company growth, placing a key focus on collaborating with our MSP partners to provide affordable and scalable RPA solutions that offer organizations of all sizes the opportunity to use automation to improve their business processes. 

By heavily investing in a partner success team — complete with dedicated outbound, onboarding, and customer support teams — ElectroNeek plans to disrupt the traditional mold of a vendor partnership program. Our three-tiered partner program takes a proactive approach by helping partners align and achieve their RPA goals through the expertise of ElectroNeek’s many industry specialists. 

“Partnership success for ElectroNeek is not just about providing our partners with innovative RPA solutions — it is combining our product ecosystem with the sales and marketing tools required to successfully generate revenue in the RPA marketplace. By the hiring of a new Head of Partner Success, the continued growth of our partner success teams, and the further investment into industry-leading infrastructure (such as our upcoming MSP Toolbox), we aim to help each of our partners meet and exceed their revenue targets.  

The success of our partners determines the success of ElectroNeek. Our partners’ success is a key part of our business model, and we are committed to providing our partners with the tools necessary to become winners in the market.”

Sergey Yudovskiy, Co-founder & CEO, ElectroNeek

Introducing ElectroNeek’s Head of Partner Success

To take ElectroNeek’s partnership success program to the next level, we welcomed Jonathan Meyn as the new Head of Partner Success earlier this fall. Jonathan joins ElectroNeek from ConnectWise, where he worked extensively with their MSP partner network, directly driving millions of dollars of expansion revenue. Jonathan’s team includes a growing number of executives and support staff that will operate in five key regions globally (North America, LatAm, EMEA, CIS, and India). 

As the Head of Partner Success, Jonathan will lead our current (and future!) partners along the path to profitability with ElectroNeek by helping them craft and execute their go-to-market plans. 

“I’ve spent most of my career in various sales and post-sales leadership positions focused on aligning client and partner priorities with technology and services. ElectroNeek’s focus on enabling MSPs with RPA solutions offers an opportunity to truly disrupt the industry with a partner success program that prioritizes flexibility and collaboration. 

Whether it be partner onboarding and sales enablement, pricing and packaging consulting, driving partner engagement, or comprehensive account management, I'm excited to leverage my expertise with ElectroNeek's partners to build true strategic partnerships.”

Jonathan Meyn, Head of Partner Success, ElectroNeek

ElectroNeek’s investment in partner success

That commitment to supporting the growth of our partners’ businesses will be a vital piece of each future ElectroNeek Product Release, including our upcoming Winter ‘21 release, which will include the rollout of a new flagship ElectroNeek product, our MSP Toolbox.

The MSP Toolbox is designed specifically to empower ElectroNeek’s MSP partners to reach new heights. At the core of the MSP Toolbox lies an automated lead distribution system, allowing partners to:

  1. Tap into the flow of incoming leads;
  2. Select prospects to target based on mutual fit;
  3. And, control the progress of each lead processed during the sales cycle. 

Additionally, the MSP Toolbox will enable ElectroNeek partners to issue their own RPA bot licenses, allowing for the subscription- and consumption-based pricing of RPA services for end-clients through the ElectroNeek platform. 

The MSP Toolbox sets the framework for a one-stop-shop for managing an MSP automation business. More information on the MSP Toolbox will be revealed in the upcoming ElectroNeek Winter ‘21 release. 

To achieve our goals of partnership success, ElectroNeek began investing heavily in multiple areas of our partner success team. From leveraging industry-leading software and tools such as ChurnZero, to introducing new and improved partner benefits, we aim to deliver our partners with a flexible and scalable partnership program that aligns with the individual RPA goals of any given partner. 

Learn more about ElectroNeek’s recent developments:

At ElectroNeek, we recognize that there is no one-size fits all RPA solution, and that same mentality is applied to our partnership program as well. To learn more about how a partnership with ElectroNeek benefits your business, contact one of our sales representatives or book a free demo

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