ElectroNeek Summer'21 Release

Our continuous focus on the success of Managed Service Providers formulates our vision for innovation in the RPA space - ease of development and deployment.

In Summer’21 Release, we added powerful new features to help managed service providers enhance their teams' productivity and win more business with premium orchestration and development tools.

Version Summer '21 introduces new capabilities for ElectroNeek Studio Pro, SaaS Orchestrator, Bot Runner.

ElectroNeek Summer'21 Release

ElectroNeek SaaS Orchestrator

Grow and manage your automation businesses better than ever before:

  • Multi-tenancy
    • Separate data by clients
    • Split data and bots by departments
    • Deploy multiple Orchestrators from one place
Central Deployment
  • Central Deployment

    • Publish and store bots right in Orchestrator
    • Scale the bots to as many client machines as you want
    • Deploy bots on any machine hassle-free
  • Client Dashboards

    • [object Object] Use visual dashboards to analyze your automations
    • [object Object] Track bots' performance across multiple client projects
Client Dashboards
API Integration`s
  • API Integration`s

    • Easily integrate your bots with existing automations and software
    • Open up new revenue streams by allowing your bots to work across multiple systems

ElectroNeek Studio Pro

Ease of development and deployment

Ease of development and deployment

Elevate the productivity of your RPA developers and scale your RPA workforce faster

  • Improved UX

    Let your teams use more handy UX features to reduce development time and increase productivity

  • No-code/low-code complex logic builder

    Let users build bots easier and do not worry about programming with simplified If...then and Do logic activities

  • Python code execution

    Embrace developers from the largest community in the world by utilizing Python as a core programming language

  • Java Apps support

    Work with a greater variety of Enterprise applications written on Java through Desktop Picker and automate the majority of SAP-centric automation cases

  • Cognitive Web Scraping tool

    Automate repeated web tasks quickly without code

  • Local Development History

    Use the innovative feature to roll back to the previous working version with no need to rebuilt something from scratch

  • Upgraded Activities panel

    Get easier access to the activities due to the improved grouping and search capabilities

Better connectivity

  • Google Drive integrations

    Win more popular cloud business cases by utilizing powerful Google Drive integrations features

  • Chrome extension

    Forget about Selenium. Use ElectroNeek's Chrome extension to have more flexibility and control over processes

  • Enhanced HTTP Request functionality

    Connect with any third-party apps and services with new HTTP Request functionality

More automation use cases

More automation use cases

  • Advanced Excel, PDF, Outlook, and Windows System activities

    Automate workflows involving PDF, Excel files faster, cover more use cases, and improve scalability with extended Outlook support and Windows System activities

  • Citrix and RDP support

    Build Surface Automation workflows with advanced graphics' detection and OCR

ElectroNeek Bot Runner

Intelligent solutions for more complex RPA projects

Intelligent solutions for more complex RPA projects

  • Enhanced OCR

    Utilize advanced graphics and data detection to handle complex cases with semi-structured data, forms, and more

  • Intelligent updates` check

    Take control over updates by having the change log updated each time an update is available