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ElectroNeek Grows North American MSP Partner Network: Announces New Partnership with Initium SoftWorks LLC

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San Francisco, Nov. 10, 2021 -- Leading robotic process automation (RPA) vendor ElectroNeek has signed a partnership with Initium SoftWorks LLC, marking ElectroNeek’s growing success as the RPA vendor of choice for managed service providers (MSPs) in North America. 

ElectroNeek partnered with Initium SoftWorks LLC (ISW), formerly known as MTS Software Solutions, to equip the MSP with an innovative RPA ecosystem designed to drive RPA revenue growth. Between RPA tools such as Studio Pro, Bot Runner, and SaaS Orchestrator, as well as marketing and sales initiatives in the form of industry-leading partner success tools, ElectroNeek will collaborate with Initium SoftWorks to take their Intelligent Processing Automation portfolio to the next level. 

The partnership with Initium SoftWorks adds yet another significant North American MSP to the ElectroNeek partner network. 

“We are proud to partner with Initium SoftWorks to bring our innovative RPA ecosystem to their existing technology portfolio. The combination of ElectroNeek’s RPA and partner success tools will help Initium SoftWorks elevate their solution offerings, providing their customers with additional return on investment.

This partnership with Initium SoftWorks is yet another significant step forward in fulfilling our mission of driving RPA adoption not just in the United States, but North America and the rest of the world as well.”

Sergey Yudovskiy, Co-Founder & CEO, ElectroNeek Robotics Inc. 

Headquartered in New Jersey, Initium SoftWorks leverages 30+ years of experience providing technology solutions to thousands of corporate, small business, and institutional clients. 

"We are very excited to be partnering with ElectroNeek to add Robotic Process Automation to our portfolio of Intelligent Processing Automation (IPA) tools. Their disruptive, scalable, and innovative solution will help to simplify the integration of our IPA solutions with third party systems to increase our customers return on their investments."

Collins Sarmento, Principal, Director of IDC and Process Automation, Initium SoftWorks LLC

Grow your RPA-related revenue with ElectroNeek’s Global Partner Success Program

ElectroNeek is committed to providing MSP partners with a robust set of technical and business tools. The core of this commitment is our Global Partner Success Program — the result of ElectroNeek’s investment into developing a unique vendor partner program that helps MSPs of all sizes drive high profits with a combination of RPA tools and business strategies. 

The Global Partner Success Program affords MSPs with the full extent of the ElectroNeek RPA product lineup, joint business initiatives, and free bot licenses. Our partner success teams leverage their technical and business expertise (on both a global and local level) to help MSPs grow their RPA business and win in their respective markets.

With ElectroNeek’s upcoming Winter ‘21 release, partners will be able to leverage a new flagship ElectroNeek product, our Lead Center. This new product is designed specifically to empower our MSP partners to new heights through the power of our new automated lead distribution system. Additionally, the Lead Center will enable ElectroNeek partners with the ability to issue their own RPA bot licenses via subscription- and consumption-based pricing of RPA services through the ElectroNeek platform. 

Through tools such as the Lead Center, ElectroNeek positions the Global Partner Success Program as a one-stop-shop for managing an MSP automation business. 

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