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Swift execution of any repetitive
process on a computer

ElectroNeek Robot

The ElectroNeek Robot is a downloadable program that can imitate actions of human users in any computer system on the level of the Graphic User Interface and native integrations / connectors / APIs. It also can monitor user actions to identify patterns of repetitive routine and suggest automation recommendations for specific opportunities. 

When the ElectroNeek Robot works in automation mode, it can execute repetitive tasks across applications and web sites up to 25x faster, shrinking working time spent on routine, such as completing web forms, from a few minutes to 10 seconds. The only one real execution speed limit is the speed at which your computer system works (for instance, the time it takes to open an internal invoicing portal).  

The ElectroNeek Robot is required to run workflows created in ElectroNeek Studio, so each user executing RPA automations in your company should have one on their desktop. 

Our bot  can work in a few distinct modes – Attended Bot, Unattended Bot and Discovery Bot.

What is Attended Bot?

Workflows launched and run by users on their workstations (by clicking on ElectroNeek icon) are called attended bots. Attended bots can’t be launched remotely from the Orchestrator. It can have ‘human in the loop’ functionality to cooperate with the user (for instance, ask for an input or an approval before proceeding). Attended bots are typically used to offload particular tasks from the user in order to get the work done faster and refocus on more analytical assignments.

What is Unattended Bot?

Workflows that can be run on an organization’s servers at scheduled times and sequences 24/7/365 are called unattended bots. These bots can be launched only with the Orchestrator by designated administrators and particular users, or by a process trigger/webhook. Unattended bots are typically used to completely offload an end-to-end process from employees and run it autonomously, which is ideal for back-office task automation.

What is Discovery Bot?

Discovery Bot is a mode of operation in which the ElectroNeek Robot passively monitors a user’s interaction with various interface elements, mouse, and keyboard to identify patterns of repetitive actions that can be automated with RPA. In this mode, the Robot doesn’t access or process any of the user’s private data or business documents – e.g. it logs the fact a user clicked Ctrl+C but doesn’t know what’s in the clipboard, thus respecting their privacy. Unlike other desktop activity mining solutions, ElectroNeek’s discovery bots focus on non-critical data like number of repetitive clicks in a pattern and consequent steps statistics, not on the actual business data. ElectroNeek is compliant with all common enterprise security standards and uses AWS GuardDuty threat detection service, one of the most advanced AI-powered cybersecurity systems, to make sure that even such hand-picked non-critical data is safe.

People hate copy-pasting, robots love it!

What ElectroNeek Robot can do?

Identify routine processes

that are a good fit for RPA automation (as a discovery bot)

Imitate human interaction

with interface elements of business software and websites: сlick on buttons, checkboxes, lists

Extract data

from business apps, web services, spreadsheets, databases, and scanned files/PDFs

Enter data in fields

and forms, create or update files

Take data from anywhere

to Excel, transform spreadsheets to scrape data from web pages

Complete templates
Use email, messengers

like Whatsapp or Facebook, or just work as a chat bot on steroids because they can actually do the work, not just answer questions

Execute any other repetitive cadence

of user actions that can be described with a rule-based logic

Navigate in Windows and browsers

Why should you automate the work routine with the ElectroNeek Robot?

Easy to launch

The ElectroNeek Robot is lightweight and easy-to-use. With flexible launching and orchestration, you can launch any workflow by double clicking on it, using a command line, or just directly from the Studio and schedule it anytime it’s necessary.

Secure to store credentials

Account data is securely created and stored in one place. It is simple to use account data to run Robots: you just need to specify which account you want the bot to use. Thus, you don’t have to remember all the passwords and are able to start automating without additional steps.

Visual monitoring of process execution

Know exactly what Robot does in real-time, generate and securely store Robot logs.


Download the Robot from your account at or invite end users to create an account and download the robot


By default, the Robot works in Discovery Bot mode - no action is needed from the user


If a user has assigned attended or unattended bot runner roles, the Robot can execute automated workflows built in ElectroNeek Studio


Start the execution by clicking on .neek file or by activating the Robot from the control panel


The bot swiftly executes repetitive tasks


For unattended bots, set up an execution schedule or set triggers in the ElectroNeek Orchestrator


Your routine job is done and the results are ready for review

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